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Your Out-of-This-World Makeup Tips

You are going to a party but instead of getting excited, you are anxious because you realized that you are no good in makeups. You have to know that there are a lot of makeup tips that you can consider, you only have to open your mind. Do not be afraid to try.


The first thing that you should do is secure your makeup items like mascara, lip line, lipstick, lip shiner, concealer, blush-on and many more. These things are readily available here in Singapore so you should not worry. After securing the items, you are now ready for your makeup. Here are some out-of-this-world makeup tips that you can consider:

  • Plastic spoon: When you are applying mascara, you get worried because it might get under your eye’s skin. You can now apply mascara without worrying about your skin using a plastic spoon. The spoon will help you achieve a thicker coat.
  • Scotch tape: When you are dealing with your eye liner, you can use scotch tape. Yes, this is unconventional but it will not hurt you to try it. The tape will help you even and balance the stencil.
  • Eye drops: Mascaras are not designed to last long. To achieve best results, experts would recommend replacing the mascara after three to four months because it will become dry and lumpy. Ideally, you should dispose your mascara after three to four months but if you want to keep it, you can fix it easily. Just add eye drops (any brand will do) into the tube.


  • Toothbrush: If you want to exfoliate your lips, you should seek the help of toothbrush. Make sure that it is soft. Before scrubbing, you have to apply petroleum jelly or lip balm.
  • Blow dry: Lash curler only lasts a few hours but if you employ the help of a blow dryer, your lash can last the whole day. This is like your hair curler. Hold the lash curler next to the blow dryer and let it stand for three to five seconds.
  • Business card: If you want to coat your lashes fast, you can use business card. Put a business card behind your lashes before applying mascara. Make sure that you apply it back and forth beginning at the roots.

However, if you do not want to do it personally, you can look for a salon that will do it for you. There are many beauty salons in Singapore so you will not encounter any troubles locating or availing one. Do not forget to get that dress and more importantly, enjoy the party.


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