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Technology Advancement

Examining the Value of a VoIP System

When you have finally decided to upgrade your business’ phone service to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), the next thing you will likely need to take care of is the cost and financial feasibility. The low cost of VoIP in Singapore is still its most attractive feature. It is the number one feature that service […]

How Much Bandwidth Does My VoIP Need?

Home owners and businesses in Singapore are slowly leaving the traditional telephone services, replacing them with Voice-over Internet Protocol (VoIP). However, one of the challenges that go along with this evolution is being able to have the right amount of bandwidth to support quality communication. If you’re among those people looking into shifting to VoIP […]

What IT Services Your Managed Service Provider Should Offer

Comparing managed IT services providers is never easy – especially if IT systems and services is not your field of expertise. Without any advanced technical background and knowledge, how will you be able to determine which service provider offers the best value and services for your business? This is just one of the many questions […]