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Car Care

5 extra measures to keep your car smelling clean

No matter how often you clean your car, there always comes a point when the freshness fades and other odors kick in. You ward off unpleasant odors but sometimes you could only do so much. So to spare you from over-exerting yourself, here are a few tips to help you maintain the clean-smelling aura of […]

Car Maintenance Importance

In this modern era, cars rule the road. In the past, people only walk to arrive from their destination. But because of the great minds of scientists, cars were invented. However, before it became the comfortable and good-looking car today, it undergo from different challenges and several makeovers to perfect the cars that we are […]

Selecting a Car Mechanic Wisely

Cars need to be maintained. However, even if how keen you are in taking care of your car, there will come a time that your car will be on its way to a car repair shop. Sometimes, there are instances that we can manage repairing small problems to our cars but there are times that […]