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Helpful Ways to Respond to Humiliation

Humiliation hurts pride, that’s for sure. Nobody wants to be in a situation where he is the subject of embarrassment and shame. Although humiliation can come in many forms, it can be degrading to one’s self-esteem. In this day and age for example, where social media can give anyone an instant fame, parents too are […]

A Few Things to Remember

The year is almost done and there is so many things going on in your mind. Starting a new year is always an exciting thing to do as we hope for a better year ahead of us. Although the year you have experienced may be filled with unexpected events, you are still looking forward to […]

7 Habits That Are Keeping You from Moving On

We understand that moving on from your past love isn’t easy, but it’s never impossible. To start mending that broken heart, ditch these following habits that could possibly be stopping you from moving on. 1.       Checking His Social Media Accounts. This is probably one of the most common habits that we do after a breakup. […]

How to Benefit From Your Mistakes

8 Ways on How You Can Benefit From Your Failures The only people who never really tasted the bitterness of failing are the ones who never tried at all. So instead of seeing your failure as an absolute disaster, be positive about it and look at the things that you’ve learned from it. To help […]

Feel Accomplished Everyday

8 Tips to Have a More Productive Day Do you ever reach the end of the day, and feel that you haven’t accomplished a thing at all? Well, instead of worrying yourself that you haven’t succeeded in doing something, read through these tips on how you can make yourself feel better and be productive every […]

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