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How to Pick the Perfect Bedsheets for Your Room

When you get home from work stressed and tired, the one thing you want to do is to lie down on your bed and relieve the stress, whether it’s watching TV or simply talking with your partner. That’s why it’s important that you get the right linens for the job.

And forget thread count – even though some may say that a higher count means more comfort, this isn’t always the case since manufacturers can always alter them using softeners that can break down right after the first wash.

Here’s how you can get the best bedsheets to make your bed feel all the more relaxing when you finally go to sleep:

  1. Get it right with design, fit, and material

These three categories are perhaps the most important to consider when looking for the right bedsheets for your room, and with materials, you can usually invest in a high-quality blends, or even pure cotton.

For the design, you can choose to go with plains or prints depending on your preference. If you have trouble choosing what to go for, you can look to your other pillows and blankets and find out what works better.

And lastly, be sure to get a bedsheet that actually fits your mattress – there’s nothing more frustrating than buying one that you really like only to find out that it doesn’t fit.

  • Stay away from Egyptian cotton as much as possible

It may feel luxurious to touch, but real Egyptian cotton (much like most fabrics that are one hundred percent cotton) can be quite hard to find, since it’s grown under specific conditions along with careful washing and combing.

Even if you can’t find genuine Egyptian cotton, there’s no need to worry – there are lots of fabrics and weaves out there that are just as good and are perfect for the humid climate in Singapore, such as a cotton-polyester blend.

  • Coordinate your bedding

Coordinating your bedsheets with the rest of the furniture and the overall appearance of your room will actually be better for you in the long run, especially after a long and stressful day when all you really need is to see your bed.

You can pull off a coordinated room by looking around and determining the style and colors used for your decor. This can span from your headboard to your furniture.

It also helps to add other bedding accessories aside from simple sheets, such as decorative pillows, duvets covers, and the occasional comforter if it happens to be cold outside. A few cheap pillow covers can also give more life to its overall appearance.

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