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5 Real-Life Wedding Dress Dilemmas, Solved!

Are you having wedding dress meltdown? Fear no more! Here are expert recommended solutions to some of the most common wedding dress dilemmas.

  1. “Getting married in church, but don’t want to be overly covered up.”

If you are not a fan of turtlenecks and long sleeves, then boleros and lace cover-ups are a stylish way to keeping your wedding dress looking conservative for the religious ceremony. Once you get to the reception, you can easily remove these pieces to get comfortable as you party the night away.

  • “My wedding is in two months and I still don’t have a dress.”

No need to panic! While it usually takes around six months for a custom wedding dress to be made, there are many other dress options for brides in a time crunch. There are so many bridal boutique in Singapore that accept rush orders that can get you a dress in a month—or even in a few weeks. Alternatively, try checking out off-the-rack dresses. This is a more practical option for brides on a budget.

  • “Did I get the right dress? What if it doesn’t suit me?”

Firstly, feeling of ‘dress regret’ is normal, especially if you’re not done yet mentally shopping for dresses. What you can do is to stop looking at wedding gowns. This means stop searching for them in the internet, unfollowing instagram bridal accounts and skipping dress sections of magazines.

  • “I’m not a fan of white dress, but my family is quite traditional.”

Although there are many shades of white to choose from, it’s totally understandable that not all brides are a fan of this color. But if you’re worried that you might disappoint the traditional culture of your family, need not fear. Wedding dress designers have embraces more pastel shades for their bridal collections. Champagne and blush pink are stunning options if you don’t want a big white dress. The color is very subtle that your family won’t even notice it.

  • “I’m a plus-size, so what dress style should I get?”

Go for an A-line dress; it’s universally flattering. The elegant, clean lines and the flare from the hips of an A-line dress give an illusion of narrower and linger torso. If you are quite curvy, highlight your curves with a drop waist dress style to bring the attention to your small waist and gorgeous bustline.

Wedding dress shopping is the most exciting part of wedding planning. However, it can also be stressful when you have so many things to consider before buying one. If you ever encounter any of these wedding dress dilemmas, know that there’s always a solution for that, and that nothing can stop you from looking beautiful on this very special day of your life.

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