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6 Planning Hacks When Travelling with Friends

Travelling in groups has always been a trend: all-girls’ holidays and bro trips are just a few examples of friends hitting the road together. Before you jumpstart preparing the nitty-gritty details of your travel, here are some tips and tricks to ensure that your ‘friendventure’ goes off as smoothly as possible. Narrow Down Your Destination […]

5 Ways to Get Your Toddler to Sleep Soundly

Toddlers need around 12 hours of sleep. Otherwise, they can get either irritable or hyperactive. It is also important in your baby’s weight regulation, helps promotes cognitive development and enhances your child’s immune system. Of course, you want all these benefits, except that toddlers are quite a challenge to tuck into bed. Here, we share […]

Benefits of Journaling

The dedication that comes with keeping a journal can seem quite daunting. But it really isn’t as scary as most people think. In fact, journaling can actually give a lot of benefits for us, especially if we do it every day. 1. Somewhere to put your ideas and goals One of the more obvious benefits […]

Things You Definitely Should Not Do on A First Date

So, you’ve had a picnic at the Esplanade roof garden, or went stargazing at the Science Centre Observatory with a girl you met last week. You’ve had a fun night, or at least you thought. At the end of the date, the girl says you’ve been looking at your phone the whole evening, and she […]

Some Superstitions Singaporeans Believe

As time goes by, people in Singapore still believe to the authority of superstitions. Although there are few listed cases which are related to superstitions, it still cannot be explained by science. Many people say that it is only a coincidence. But for some people, they tend to believe that it is through superstitions. Some […]