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Be Hair-Free and Pain-Free

4 Ways to Get a Painless Hair Removal Procedure Regardless of the procedure you choose to have, hair removal techniques are just far from being comfortable. From ingrown hairs to razor burns and bumps, we experience a lot of suffering first before achieving that silky, smooth skin. Luckily, this shouldn’t be the case now. With […]

6 Beauty-Boosting Beverages You Should Be Drinking

Other than exercise, having a good skin, hair and nail condition also has something to do with what you put in your body. But this doesn’t mean that you should choke down glasses of unappetizing green juices. Instead, incorporate any of these six beverages into your diet to get that beauty-boosting effect that you want. […]

Age-Proof Your Beauty Stash

5 Anti-Aging Ingredients Worth Adding In Your Beauty Routine Regardless of your age, you surely want your skin to look as young and amazing as possible, and one of the best ways to achieve this is to invest in quality anti-aging products. But how will you cut through the hype and find the products that […]

5 Unexpected Spots to Apply Your Highlighter

A highlighter is definitely one of the most versatile beauty product in every woman’s makeup stash. Not only can you use it on your cheekbones, you can also dab it in the inner corners of your eyes and blend it with your foundation to get that full-face glow. There’s just a lot of use for […]

Skip the Suds, Use Dry Shampoo!

Reasons Why You Need Dry Shampoo in Your Beauty Kit We’re not saying it’s time to forget about hair-washing altogether, but dry shampoo is a convenient solution if you need to go somewhere else after the gym or just have no enough time for a full shower in the morning. Dry shampoo can make flat, […]

5 Mistakes People with Oily Skin Commit

Managing an oily skin can be very tricky, since people who have this skin type often experience acne breakouts. Also, having oily skin means battling the chances of getting clogged pores all the time. Luckily, avoiding these following mistakes will help you prevent your skin from becoming oilier every single minute. 1.       Applying Harsh Cleansers […]

5 Ways to Extend the Life of Your Hair and Beauty Tools

We spend a lot of money and time in looking and purchasing the right hair and beauty tools that perfectly fits our needs. We rely on these tools to make us look our best all the time, so it’s important to give them some proper care in return. Below are some of the best ways […]

Your Out-of-This-World Makeup Tips

You are going to a party but instead of getting excited, you are anxious because you realized that you are no good in makeups. You have to know that there are a lot of makeup tips that you can consider, you only have to open your mind. Do not be afraid to try. The first […]

DIY Foot Scrub

Singaporeans are busy people. Everyone is always in a rush. After a day’s work, your tired feet deserve a treat. You can begin by pampering your feet. How can you pamper your feet? You can consider foot scrubs. When you consider foot scrubs, you can either go to a salon who offer such or you […]

Natural Tips to Get a Smooth and Silky Hair

There are some Singaporean women who are conscious about their physical appearance. If you are the type that wants a flawless and blemish-free skin, you should go to your dermatologist. Singapore has plenty of skin experts that you can consider. If you are the type that wants a smooth and silky hair, you should go […]