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Items to Take to the Beach

  When rushing from all the excitement, sometimes you forget to bring the essentials to have an enjoyable and comfortable stay at the beach. Here are the essentials you need to pack.   Swimsuit Of course, these should be the first items you should grab. Swimwear is safer, lighter and easier to wash than regular […]

2017 National Geographic Traveller’s List

  They say that money cannot buy you happiness but travel does. You cannot travel without money so when you do not travel, work hard and then trot the world harder. When it is time to mark the map, it is best to read first. You have to read so you will know where to […]

Dream Destinations You Should Ponder 

  Life here in Singapore is hectic that is why you have to do your best to cope up. It is important that you stop and smell the flowers. If you pursue life without resting, you are in danger of job burnout. Do not wait for job burnout because you will be less productive plus […]

Places to Visit for Beauty Shopping in Hong Kong

  When you are in Hong Kong, you should make the most out of your trip by buying beauty products. Yes, there are beauty products in Singapore but some products are cheaper overseas. You just need to find good bargains to save more. The good news is that you will find many of your favourite […]

Awesome Places to Visit without Needing a Visa

  If you feel like escaping Singapore if only for a few days and experience the life outside, there are many awesome places worth the visit without the need of a visa. It is good to think about holiday and vacation. You deserve rest and recreation but sometimes when you think of the cost and […]

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