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Coping after Unemployment

No one wants to live without a job. Where else will we get money from? Unless we have a business, we are not required to get a job. However, some Singaporeans feel the need to get jobs especially with the thought of high unemployment rates and enormous layoffs. Although according to Trading Economics, unemployment rate […]

Best Job Options for Introverts

Although introverts may not feel comfortable in certain jobs, they can still be as analytical, organized and smart as any other person. True, it may be quite difficult to find a job that you really like and can feel motivated to turn it into a career, but there are still those jobs that only introverts […]

Advantages of Working Online

Instead of applying for an office-based job, why not go for an online job? You will not just be saving money by doing this, you can also save water. This is because working at home gives you the choice to take a bath or not. It will also reduce your laundry since you can be […]

What Company Should You Go to After Graduation

Yes, you have finished your studies yet you don’t know what to do next or you do not know how to get a job. As many business establishments are opening every year, there are no ways that an individual would not land any job. It’s Important to Have Work Although it is said that working […]

Things to Know in a Company

You may think that when you apply in a big company, it is perfect. There are companies with complete facilities but they have employees with bad attitude. On the other hand, there are firms with good employees but they are only good in their work. In short, they do not socialize to other people most […]

Things You Should Consider Before Quitting Your Job

You are confident that you can get another job here in Singapore if you decide to quit right away. However, quitting your current job it is not easy even if you loathe everything about it. Indeed there are many job opportunities here in Singapore but you need to determine your reasons first before you really […]