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5 Ways to Calm Yourself Down When You’re Feeling Angry

Everyone gets angry at some point, and while it can be healthy at some point as a driving force or motivation, it can also be dangerous and destructive depending on how you express it. When you let your anger get the better of you, you hurt yourself and other people as a result.

Anger can also manifest in different ways, so if you find yourself getting angry easily and more often, it’s important to take the steps to calm yourself down to see more clearly:

1. Vent

Finding a healthy way to express your anger is crucial. Instead of bottling up your emotions and letting it stir, use them as a driver to get something done, whether it’s to write something down or to find a way to address the underlying reason behind your frustration.

2. Take deep breaths

Your body tenses up when you’re angry, so to loosen yourself up, breathing deeply is the solution.

You should keep this trick in mind especially when you find yourself getting angry or frustrated in public, and more so when you’re at work. As much as possible, don’t “lose it” and go into a fit – when you do, you automatically lose.

Instead of doing that, take a few deep breaths and take a moment to objectively assess your situation.

3. Understand where your anger is coming from

The first step to resolve your anger is to think about the reason why you’re angry in the first place. That way, even if you can’t avoid them or resolve them, you’ll be able to anticipate them in the future and have more time to repair.

It also helps to rehearse different reactions to different scenarios. By visualizing a scene where you get angry and imagining different ways to respond to it, you give yourself different options and better ways to respond the next time around.

4. Go for a walk

Sometimes, you really need to give yourself a moment to clear your head – and even more so when you come across something that really ticks you off. And when this happens, it’s completely okay to do so as a calming activity.

Doing this gives yourself a mental or physical escape from the situation, and time to think over your responses better and more clearly.

5. Know your signs

Different people show different signs when angry, and so do you. Whether these are clenched fists, trembling, or being flushed, these can escalate into an outburst when you don’t catch yourself in time.

Once you do manage to catch yourself, you can give yourself time to take a few deep breaths and think things over so you can respond better and more calmly.

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