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Tips for Fresh Graduates on Job Application

The first challenge of the real world to fresh graduates is the challenge of applying to a job. This is the first test which requires patience, intelligence, confidence and courage. Before graduation, some students already have their target companies to apply to while some will still look for jobs after graduation. No matter what you case is, you only have a single shot on your dream job, so make sure that you are truly prepared for it. Here are some tips on how to be prepared on your job application.


Resume: First, make sure that you prepare your resume. Your resume is the key for you to get noticed by employers. Make sure that you have a very brief presentation of your background and skills in your resume. Employers only spend a minute or two in looking at resumes. If you make it too long, they would probably just read the front page and all others will be a waste. An ideal resume only have one or two pages. Since you are a fresh graduate, one page is fit for you. Make sure to include information which are relevant to the position you are applying for. Once you have your resume prepared, you are ready to hit the job application proper.


Proper job application: One of the biggest mistakes of fresh graduates is that they apply to every job posting they see, regardless of the characteristics that position is looking for and without asking themselves if that is really the job they want. The best thing to do is to search for jobs first, make sure too pick only those jobs which are relevant to the course you graduated in and the job that you really like. After picking a few, try to cut them down to three jobs you really like, then next is applying to those jobs. It is easier to manage three applications who might schedule interviews in same days than manage 10 at the same day.

Preparing for the interview: Once you applied, assume that they will call you for an interview. Through this, you will be compelled to research about the company and prepare for interview questions.



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