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5 Must-Haves for a Perfect Camping Trip

Although it’s fun to travel in any season, there’s just something about longer days and warmer weather that make weekend jaunts much more enjoyable – especially if you’re deviating from your usual daily routine, and spending some time outdoors. If camping is on your travel list, ensure that you have these five essentials to experience an amazing weekend in the woods.


  1. A Quality Tent

Unless you’re planning to sleep under the stars, a comfortable tent is the first essential for any camping trip. Purchasing a high quality tent is a good investment, so visit sporting goods stores that allow customers to climb inside some of their actual tents to examine its quality. It’d also be a good idea to ask yourself these questions before purchasing a tent: How easy is it to assemble? With how many people are you planning to share your tent? Are you going to have a car camping or backpacking? If it’s the latter, then you’ll want to purchase a lightweight tent that easily clips on a backpack.

  1. A Durable Backpack

Whether you’re camping for the whole weekend or just a night, a sturdy yet comfortable backpack is essential to carry all your essentials along. A daypack is adequate for most camping trips, but you can choose from larger options as well.

Some expert campers prefer an internal frame backpack for camping because its weight sits comfortably against the back, while most campers opt for external frame types due to its heavier carrying capacity and the extra ventilation it offers. Don’t be afraid to test multiple bags at a sporting goods store before making a choice.

  1. A Sleeping Pad

Sure, you have a sleeping bag and a tent, but bringing a sleeping pad along will increase your overnight comfort, especially if you’ll be spending the night on an uneven terrain. Other than comfort, sleeping pads also provide an extra layer of insulation between you and the cold ground. Getting a comfortable night of sleep means you’ll be better rested for another day of exploring the wilderness.


  1. Adequate Lighting

Depending on the activities you’ll have, and what time you’ll retire each night, you may want to bring along a head lamp, flashlight, or lantern for convenience and safety. Most campers prefer multidirectional flashlights since they can be used to navigate and set up your camp in the evening, and then turn them into a lantern to illuminate the tent’s interior as you prepare for bed or play some games.

  1. Portable Battery Charger

While we encourage you to disconnect from your phone and focus more on your surroundings, it still isn’t a bad idea to keep a portable battery charger at hand in case you get lost or you need to make emergency calls. Apart from a charger, it’d also be a smart move to bring a paper map and an emergency plan in case you lose service. Better to be safe than sorry, right?

Going on a camping trip is really exciting. Just make sure that you bring all these essentials along to turn your outdoor trip into a more amazing and memorable adventure.


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