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Dress to Impress: What Outfits to Wear on Certain Types of Dates

Every woman has her fair share of difficulties in finding the perfect outfit for her daily itinerary, even more so when finding the right get-up for varying types of dates. Worry not though, because we’ve listed down some of the perfect looks to wear for the following date events.


  1. Movie Night

Who doesn’t love a date night where you just stay at home, microwave some popcorn, and watch movies as you cuddle. The tricky part on this type of date, however, is finding the right outfit that’s comfy but isn’t your oversized pyjamas. A great get-up for a movie night at home is the classic black leggings paired with an oversized sweatshirt or plaid shirt with minimal to no makeup, and a messy bun – now that’s a cosy, but cute and stylish outfit.

  1. Hiking

Hiking dates are great, but choosing the right get-up for it is another story. It’s always the inner fight of “I want to look cute” versus “I need an outfit that’s functional for me to sweat in”.

Luckily, both sides can easily win with just a pair of hiking or running shoes, workout leggings, and a tank top or a shirt. It’s cute enough, and also says you’re ready to hike through the forest. Little to no makeup is ideal for this type of date, along with a cute headband and ponytail.

  1. Dinner Date

Imagine this: a romantic night out in the city, and a nice candlelit dinner. Everything sounds perfect – until you need to find an ensemble. This is where things may get tricky, since your outfit depends on where you’ll be dining. Oftentimes, a nice jeans paired with a dressy tank top and heels work perfectly, while other times, you’ll need to bring out your favourite little black dress.


Always remember to dress for what’s suitable for the place you’re going. If a longer dress is needed, then wearing one with a little leg slit wouldn’t hurt. Also, feel free to dazzle your ensemble with a bright lipstick for a pop of colour that’ll go with your perfectly done hair.

  1. Family Event

Whether it’s your family or his, you definitely want to dress nicely. Doing so always makes a great impression, and shows just how happy both you and your partner are. If it’s your first time meeting his family, wearing the perfect get-up goes a long way towards building good relationships with them.

It’s difficult to say exactly what the best outfit is for such events, but jeans and a nice blouse is often a safe choice. Also, wear minimal makeup and ensure that your hair is neatly done. You’ll not just wow them with your personality and charm, but also with your great get-up.

  1. Concerts

Whether it’s you or your boyfriend who loves the band, go and have fun – in a killer get-up, of course. The best outfit for this type of date would be a cute tank top, the band’s shirt, or a graphic tee paired with skinny or ripped jeans and comfortable shoes. Style your hair in any way that looks great, and makeup is a must for a night filled with music and partying.

The perfect outfit for any event varies for every woman. Still, these are some of the cute, flirty and trendy get-ups for these dates. Always dress for the occasion and to impress, but remember: You wear the outfit; don’t your outfit wear you.


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