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Wildlife Tripping in Singapore

If you’re tripping n Singapore goes literally wild as you search for world’s rarest and ferocious species then the city’s abundant nature reserves a hotbed of creatures for you to discover. Get cozy with wild life and be an inch away from the animals as Singapore has prepared attractions for unforgettable and nail-biting memories that are yet to be explored:

Night Safari

Embark on the wild side journey through the first night park ever established in the world. Witness over 1,000 animals as you take a tour around the 40-hectare park. Get fascinated with the Creatures of the Night Show and 30-minute action packed scenes as animals showcase their predatory and survival moves. If that isn’t enough, stay up closer and personal by getting onboard for a 35-minute journey with tigers, lions, deer and more. Now after a thrilling experience, treat yourself with gourmet cuisines under moonlight that gives everyone a delectable experience at first hand.

Marine Life Park

Dive like you’re under the ocean in the world’s largest oceanarium and be captivated with the wonders of deep blue sea. Come and get yourself wet with action-packed aquatic presentations by ocean animals at Marine Life Park, Resorts World Sentosa Singapore.

River Safari

Embark at the Asia’s first and only wildlife park that is river-themed. At River Safari, you can journey through the eight river habitats and meet river’s gigantic creatures such as giant salamander and Mekong giant fish. Don’t miss to witness the world’s largest freshwater aquarium located at Amazon Flooded Forest and over 18 animal species. And lastly, meet and greet giant pandas Jia Jia and Kai Kai at the Southeast Asia’s largest panda forest.

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