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Where to Get the Best Home Furnishing in Singapore

It feels good when the house looks clean and new. If you want a new home environment, you can consider either relocating or remodelling. Remodelling is often the more practical choice because it only needs minor adjustments in order to refresh the look of your home, but relocating gives a more overall stark effect.

Aside from the structure, you can also change the interior of your house. You can begin by getting a new furnishing set. There are many home furnishing stores in Singapore offering different collections that will surely make your household new and elegant. Here’s a list of stores:

Lorgan’s Kitsch and Flash

Lorgan’s Kitsch and Flash is in Century Warehouse, located in Panjang Road. They are open every day from 11am to 7pm. The store is proud of its ’60s and ’70s collections. If you’re fond of retro and vintage, visit Lorgan’s today. They sell lamps, telephone, champagne container and many more. They restore items too. Aside from home furnishing pieces, they also sell antiques, art and souvenirs. For more information, you can call (+65) 6272-4988.

I wanna go home

I wanna go home – yep, that’s how the company’s name is titled – is located in Promenade. They are open from Monday-Thursday (11am to 9pm) and Friday-Sunday (10am to 9pm). If you want a home design with a twist, you should see what they have to offer. They have furniture sets, glassware, kitchen ware and other items that will surely brighten up your home. For more information, you can call (+65) 6737-8858.

At the end of the day, the grandeur of the house is not as important but the family that lives under it. You should promote family quality time and bonding all the time. That way the house will feel happier, brighter and warmer.

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