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What Weather to Expect in Singapore

Because Singapore is a country that is situated near the equator, it does not experience the four seasons namely: summer, winter, autumn and spring. However, there are two season in Singapore that is widely known as wet and dry season. Also, other countries that are located near the equator experiences the same weather.


Usually, the Dry season begins on March and ends on the month of August. When wet season approaches, it starts on September and end February. But with today’s global climate change, the dry and wet month are not exactly happening during the mentioned months.

Rainy Season

Once you are unfortunate and visited Singapore on a rainy season, expect a large amount of rain pouring in the city. So, better bring rain coat and umbrellas for yourself. And because the weather is unpredictable nowadays, it is advised that people should bring umbrellas anywhere.


If you think that there are no places to have fun during this season, think again. Actually, tourists sites like Orchard Road malls, Marina Bay malls and other places with shade. However, it is not the same when you roam around the country when the season is dry.

Sunny Season

In the event that you visited the country in a hot climate, do not take the sun for granted. If you think that it is only normal sunny season, it’s absolutely not. In reality, the hot season in Singapore makes you sweat all day. On the other hand, if you want to visit Singapore in this season, do not bring tight clothes instead bring loose clothes with you. Also, be sure that you have brought sun block protection to prevent any damage to the skin. In addition, wear sunglasses.



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