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What IT Services Your Managed Service Provider Should Offer

Comparing managed IT services providers is never easy – especially if IT systems and services is not your field of expertise. Without any advanced technical background and knowledge, how will you be able to determine which service provider offers the best value and services for your business? This is just one of the many questions that you will likely ask as you start comparing different vendors. Fortunately, you can now assess a service provider’s worth through the services they are offering. With that in mind, we listed down the important IT services that you can expect to receive from your prospective managed service provider.


1. Round-the-Clock Customer Support

Most of the network issues in a business are unpredictable, but a good managed IT services provider is prepared to resolve any problem at any given time. That means they can provide you the support you need even if the problem occurs during ungodly hours. If your prospective MSP can’t promise you a round-the-clock customer support, then it would be best to move on to another vendor who can provide such support.

2. Network Monitoring

Having an issue about your system server and security and software will not only affect the reputation of your business with your clients, it will also cost you some money from the hours lost due to system downtime. This is the reason why you should hire an MSP that offers a round-the-clock network monitoring. Doing so gives you an assurance that any problem that might arise in your system will be immediately detected and resolved. Detecting issues early on is crucial for reducing your risk of security breaches and system downtime.

3. On-Site Technical Support

On-site technical support is another service that your vendor should be able to provide. If you need good IT services in Singapore they should be able to visit your company, personally check your IT network and give any necessary technical support services. Although most tech support is remote these day, you will still need a service provider who can physically check, manage and maintain your company’s IT system.

4. Cloud Computing


Changing into cloud computing is one way of saving money in technology and enhancing the productivity and efficiency of your business. If your prospective service provider doesn’t provide such service, then they might not be that updated with the latest developments in the IT industry. Opt for a managed IT services provider who is capable of hosting your servers or applications in an off-site and secure data centre. Taking advantage of this service allows you to access your data and desktop functions any time of the day and from any location that has an internet connection.

5. Virus Protection

Security breaches and system hackings can happen to anyone in Singapore, but hiring a reputable MSP who offers quality virus protection and system security will surely reduce that risk. So make sure that you choose a service provider who offers such service, and have him install a web security software for all your system users.

6. Competitive Pricing

As the old adage goes: get what you paid for. While this saying may be applied when choosing a managed service provider, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the service provider who charges the highest price offers the best IT services. Similarly, if a service provider is charging below average rates, then it could mean that the quality of their services is not worth investing in. So instead of settling for providers with the highest or lowest price, choose vendors with a competitive price and ask why their services are pricier or cheaper than their competitors. Remember that the cost of an IT service depends on certain factors like the size of your business, as well as any custom work or service add-ons.

7. Disaster Recovery Plan

The disaster recovery and business continuity plan is another service that your MSP should be able to provide you. Whether you are hit by a tornado or a fire, it is during these times that you need the IT system of your business to be up and running. So make sure that you hire a service provider capable of developing and providing a plan that will put the IT network of your business up and running as quickly as possible.

8. Strategic Planning

Never settle for an MSP who doesn’t have a clear plan for your company’s system. Your service provider should monitor the trends in the IT industry in Singapore and, as a standard procedure, update your system where necessary. At the very least, your chosen managed service provider should discuss system update concerns with you. Moreover, the solutions they use on your business today should be able to adapt with the future innovations and improvements on your system. Keep in mind that a good IT service provider should possess the experience and foresight to help in strategizing the future of your business.

With the importance of digital connectivity these days, your choice of IT service provider is critical for your business’s success. So be sure to do some research beforehand, and ensure that your prospective service provider has a good record of client satisfaction. Research on each vendor online and read some customer reviews. If you think that a particular vendor is bad business and that they don’t provide the aforementioned services, then it would be best to move on to a more reliable managed IT services provider.


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