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Tips on How to Sleep Better


If you want to get by here in Singapore, you have to restore your strength through sleeping. Sleep is actually an important part of your life and it should not be ignored. Without it, you will not function to your utmost performance. For some, sleeping is easy but to others, sleeping is a struggle. If you are suffering from insomnia, it is time to know some tips on sleeping better every night.


You have to know that there are insomnia-inducing activities that you unknowingly do that can affect the quality of your sleep. If you want optimum performance, you should take note of the following tips on sleeping better tonight:

  • Keep your computers, smart phones and tablets away from you. According to many studies, watching televisions or e-reading can disturb sleep. If you want to sleep better, you have to keep light-emitting technology as far away as possibly so you will not get tempted. The blue light emitted by screens stops the melatonin production – which facilitates the body become sleepy.


  • Avoid caffeine. You probably know that coffee contains eighty to one hundred twenty milligrams of caffeine per serving yet you still drink it before bed. If you want your sleep to be uneventful and easy, avoid caffeine. Caffeine can keep you up for twelve hours. Aside from coffee, avoid teas and other beverages too.


  • Stay away from chocolates. Believe it or not chocolates can cause restless nights too! Chocolates contain caffeine that can keep you up for many hours.


  • Consider short breaks. When your mind is racing, you cannot go to sleep right away. Experts recommend that you take a short break say thirty minutes first before climbing the bed that way your mind is already calm.


  • Do not eat fatty or spicy foods. Remember that having a large meal close to your bedtime can cause discomfort because of the bloating and painful feeling. Dinners should always be light and not fatty or spicy. Fatty or spicy foods are linked with acid reflux.


  • Stop drinking. When you are close to sleeping, do not drink anything except water. Avoid alcoholic beverage and booze because it can impair your REM sleep. Compromised REM sleep can lead to losing focus and tiredness.


  • Quit smoking. Many people smoke because it calms them. It might be true for many but you have to know that nicotine can disturb your sleep. To be safe, you should totally eliminate smoking in your life.

These are just some tips that you can consider for better sleeping. The quality of sleep is important the day after because it will determine how your day will unfold.


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