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Things You Definitely Should Not Do on A First Date

So, you’ve had a picnic at the Esplanade roof garden, or went stargazing at the Science Centre Observatory with a girl you met last week. You’ve had a fun night, or at least you thought. At the end of the date, the girl says you’ve been looking at your phone the whole evening, and she politely tells you not to call her again, then leaves. You don’t know how to feel, but you’ve realized your mistake. There are tons of other mistakes we can make on a first date, and here are only some.

You absolutely do not want to:

Be late

This is probably one of the most recurrent advice when it comes to first dates. Just think about it, turning up late even in the business setting, is already annoying enough. In brief, we’ll have to turn to the old cliché, “time is gold”.

Cancel last minute

Again, time is an irreplaceable thing. Everybody has important things to do or places they’d rather be. Accepting the date already means that the other person is setting aside valuable time to meet you. So, respect that by doing the same and turning up!

Be rude to others

You won’t get anything if you’re only good your date but being totally disrespectful of others. Sometimes it can be easy to get angry at a waiter’s mistake or be agitated by other people’s noise, but getting angry will only do more harm than good.

Keep using your phone

When you keep scrolling on your phone during a date, it only shows that you’re not interested, it’s that simple. Of course, this doesn’t mean that you have to completely ignore calls and messages. Just excuse yourself if something important or an emergency comes up.

Go drunk or get drunk

Obviously, you won’t want to show up wreaking of alcohol. Even if you’re not drunk and you and your date decide to drink, remember to avoid drinking too much. You don’t want to slip off your tongue and say something unpleasant.

Talk over your date

Both you and your date will have enough time to speak. So don’t go and dominate the conversation while your date is talking. Learn to listen!  You might learn small, but important details about your date if you do.

Talk about past relationships

Talking about your “exes” will imply that your comparing those past relationships to this one. It is especially problematic if you do this because you aren’t even a real couple yet. Plus, talking about the past may suggest that you’re still not ready for a new relationship.

Be overly cautious of your appearance

Constantly checking your appearance can be really annoying for the person in front of you. To avoid doing this, just make sure that you’re wearing comfortable (yet presentable) clothes or ones that you’ve used before and feel confident in.

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