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The Reason Why UK Colonized Singapore

Before Singapore reached that abundance that they experience today, they have been in a lot of battles and challenges. Most of the challenges help them grow to become one of the world’s strongest countries in the globe.


During the past times, Singapore was not yet known for its beautiful beaches, tall buildings, and state-of-the-art facilities, they are only a country that is known for its poor way of living. However, that doesn’t end by that because today, you cannot figure out how Singapore do what they are now today.

Back in Time

By the time British colonized Singapore, there is something that British wants to the country. Wondering what is it? Basically, it’s not all about the beautiful beaches and sceneries in Singapore but the advantageous and profitable location of the ports in the island. Geographically, Singapore has a thin way of going to South China Sea and the Indian Ocean. This is the direction where major trading takes place. Singapore was formerly taken over by the Dutch pirates and fishermen. During 1818, the management of English East India, Lord Hastings and the British Governor General of India honed Singapore’s history.


Singapore: At Present

Today, there’s nothing to ask for because there are many changes occurred in the beautiful island of Singapore such as the Merlion (half fish-half lion), Singapore and the Jurong Park. Once you are in Singapore, you need to see each of the attractions in the country because most of them are very significant to a lot of Singaporeans as well as the foreign visitors.



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