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The Most Satisfying Vegetables – Ranked


It is struggling to lose weight but you need to endure it if you want to be healthy and well. The Singaporean government is actually encouraging all people to change ways and follow the road to healthy lifestyle. At first it is not easy but armed with discipline and knowledge, everything is possible.


Speaking of knowledge, it pays to know specific vegetables that can fill your body without adding extra pounds. Here are the most satisfying vegetables according to water and fiber content:

  1. Artichoke: Some are not familiar of artichoke but once you seriously look for it in the market, you will eventually find it. Do you know that an artichoke can contain up to 76 calories and it can be a healthy source of fiber? It does not end there because it can be a diuretic. The water content is 84% and the fiber per 100 grams is 5.7.


  1. Beet greens: If you come across beet, you usually toss the leaves to the trash. It is time that you know how it can improve your health. The vegetables are filled with vitamins A, C and K. Its water content is 89% and the fiber per 100 grams is 5.4.


  1. Snap peas: Snap peas are perfect for filling your afternoon hunger. Its water content is 90% and the fiber per 100 grams is 3.4.


  1. Baby carrots: Baby carrots may be small but never underestimate its value to your health. It will boost your immunity plus reduce your cholesterol. Its water content is 90.3% and the fiber per 100 grams is 2.9.


  1. Broccoli: Broccoli is actually one of the Superfoods because the water content is 89% and the fiber per 100 grams is 2.6. It is known because of its satiating attributes plus it can help with belly-flattening.


  1. Brussels sprouts: Brussels sprouts are from the cabbage family and it should not go unnoticed. Its water content is 88.9% and the fiber per 100 grams is 2.6. With little creativity, Brussels sprouts can taste good.


  1. Cabbage: Cabbage has actually the same health benefits to that of cauliflowers. Cabbages are an excellent ingredient for salads. Its water content is 92.5% and the fiber per 100 grams is 2.3.


  1. Cauliflower: Cauliflower is actually the cousin of kale. It is rich in cancer-fighting compounds. There are many ways you can cook it. Its water content is 93% and the fiber per 100 grams is 2.3.


  1. Asparagus: Its water content is 92.6% and fiber per 100 grams is 2. It is also filled with potassium that can help flush the toxins in the body.


  1. Celery: Celery is one of the most universal stalks in the market because it can actually work well with different dishes that will make you full. Its water content is 95% and fiber per 100 grams is 1.6.


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