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Some Superstitions Singaporeans Believe

As time goes by, people in Singapore still believe to the authority of superstitions. Although there are few listed cases which are related to superstitions, it still cannot be explained by science. Many people say that it is only a coincidence. But for some people, they tend to believe that it is through superstitions.


Some prevailing superstitions in Singapore include:

  • Entering a room that is not yours is creepy especially if you are staying in a hotel, or inn. In Singapore, people usually, acknowledge and ask the good spirit to come over so that they will have a good sleep
  • Even if urinating in public penalize people strictly. It is also believe in Singapore that urinating everywhere especially on trees or plants will bring sickness or death. They believe that this will happen because Mother Nature will give its revenge.photo_19820
  • In Singapore, if you want to get good grades in school, you need to wash your face using a holy water and after that, you will drink the liquid which you have used in cleansing your face.
  • If a couple has a problem making a baby, it is practiced by many Singaporean women to lie down on a bed of a mother who just recently gave birth. This is to attract the ‘fertility chi’.
  • To remove any evil spirit. You must wash every part of your body including the face after visiting a funeral.

Despite the fact that we are now living in a more advanced world, many people still believe in superstitions. There is nothing wrong in believing these superstitions as long as it doesn’t harm you and you don’t let yourself control it.


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