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Skip the Suds, Use Dry Shampoo!

Reasons Why You Need Dry Shampoo in Your Beauty Kit

We’re not saying it’s time to forget about hair-washing altogether, but dry shampoo is a convenient solution if you need to go somewhere else after the gym or just have no enough time for a full shower in the morning. Dry shampoo can make flat, greasy hair look vavavoom in a flash. Even better, you can use it on a freshly washed hair to make it look more voluminous and sexy.


Still not convinced? Here are some more reasons why every girl needs a trusty dry shampoo in her beauty kit.

1.       You Can Create Voluminous Waves

Creating glamorous waves doesn’t need that much effort. Curl your hair with a one-inch clamp-less curling iron for loose, tousled waves. Spray dry shampoo on the roots, flip your head over, and run your fingers through your hair. Lock in the texture and volume by finishing off with hairspray.

2.       It’s a Great After-Gym Hair Fix

Every girl wants that after-gym glow, but not the greasy and sweaty hair look. If you have plans after hitting the gym and have no time to go home and fix yourself, a can of dry shampoo should be one of your gym-bag essentials. A couple of spray on your hair roots absorbs excess moisture and gives your tresses an instant lift and volume.


3.       Your Hair Defence From Humidity

Keep your mane stylish and manageable in rainy or humid weather. Straight and super fine hair tends to go flat and lifeless under humidity. To prevent this, style your hair and then spray it with dry shampoo.

4.       You Can Skip Shampoo for More Days

Shampooing the hair everyday is not advisable as it can strip your hair with its natural oils and make them more prone to breakage. However, not shampooing could also result to too much oil in the scalp, making the hair look flat and greasy. To solve this, use dry shampoo in between hair washes. You get to remove oil and dirt without washing your hair every single day.

If you haven’t tried using dry shampoo, you better start using now! Not only does it save you time and improve your hair’s health, it makes a good travel companion as well. With a few quick sprays, you can make your hair look and smell freshly washed in an instant.


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