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Singapore: The Unique Designed Country

There are many things that made Singapore one of a kind. Aside from their chewing gum law, there are also other significant things that Singapore is uniquely known.


The Silent Rule

If you happen to eat in the hawker center (one of the most-visited food spots) during lunch, look for something unusual. If in other countries the table means occupied when there are persons on the table, in Singapore, this is not applicable especially in hawker food center. Basically, the ladies are putting a package of tissue the means the seat is reserves or occupied. Therefore, it is called the Silent Rule in the country.


Because the races of Singaporeans are different, the language Singlish have been made. Singlish is known to be the result of the combination of English, Hokkein and Malay languages. If you are having troubles talking to Singaporeans, you can let them speak Singlish. Although you may not directly understand what they say, you can at least interpret few words from them making you more comfortable with them.


Singapore Sling

This is not the toy that you might be thinking. It’s actually a Singaporean cocktail that what formulated by Ngiam Tong Boon. The drink is available in Singapore Flights and they give it for free.

Parents Work In Exchange for Good Education

Even if you will say that is it not good to take risk, parents volunteer to work so that their child will have the chance to study in a high-quality schools. Singapore is not only a nice country to visit, it is also good place to relax.


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