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Selecting Art for Your Home

Using paintings to beautify homes is a very popular décor option for many residents of Singapore. The more it becomes prevalent nowadays because of the many affordable choices of abstract art pieces available in the market. Local art studios and online art galleries offer wide selections of artworks in varied price ranges, so everybody gets to have something that’s fitted for their taste and budget.


1. “How will I look for the right kind of art?”

If you regularly visit art museums and galleries, you probably have an idea of the kind of art that best appeals to you. If not, there are many galleries within Singapore that host art fairs and exhibits from time to time. Even local restaurants and café exhibit artworks of local artists. Similarly, the Internet is also a good source of artworks. If provides mush more variety of fine arts available all around the world. You can check out websites of world-famous galleries and museums, and take inspirations from their featured oil painting works.

2. “Should my artwork fit the room or the room fit the artwork?”

It depends. Some people, especially the artists, know that they found the right piece when they feel strongly towards it, regardless of how it suits their room. However, it is important to keep in mind that the beauty of an oil painting also depends on its environment, since placing a piece of art in the wrong environment can take away its beauty and impact.

So, what should you do if you buy a contemporary art piece and it happens to clash with its surroundings? First, try hanging it in different walls in your home. It may look perfect in a place you did not plan on hanging it. If you can’t find a perfect spot for the painting, consider moving furniture, add accent lighting, or add or remove a few wall décor.

3. “How to make my room look more art-friendly?”

When you walk into an art gallery, what do you typically see? White or neutral-colored walls and lots of accent lighting. Consider the same style to your room for a more art-friendly environment. It need not even cost a bomb. Consider getting affordable art singapore if you are on a budget. If your walls are painted or wallpapered in a color other than light neutrals, it limits your choices for hanging paintings that would look good on it.


If you want your oil painting to pop up, make it the center of attraction. Minimize usage of other decorations, like colored curtains, wallpapers, carpets, and striking furniture. A room full of colors and textures take away the spotlight from your sophisticated piece of art. If you wish to add furniture, keep it spare and always remember that less is more.

Picking the right kind of art and displaying it in the right place can be interesting and intimidating at the same time. You have to experiment a lot in order to find out what could be the most pleasing for you. Though this could take a lot of time, you’ll be rewarded by finding exceptional satisfaction in the beauty of your home.


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