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Rules for Cycling Safely

Cycling is becoming popular here in Singapore. With its popularity, many cycling-related accidents were noted. On December 17, 2013, a man was hit by a taxi while cycling. The man was taken to Changi General Hospital immediately after the collision. The day after that, he was operated because of his broken thigh bone and bleeding brain. He is in critical condition.

Cycling Girl

This does not sound good. The government is encouraging the people to cycle to benefit their health and the environment but how can people feel safe when cycling accidents happen all the time? When you cycle, you always feel uneasy because of things like this. You will lower your risk of fatalities if you take proper safety precautions. Cycling is not fatal but colliding into something is. You have to consider the following tips for your own safety:

Check bicycle

Just like cars and motorcycles, bicycles need to be checked too. Before taking it to the road, you have to make sure that it is in good condition.  If something is amiss, look for someone who can fix it. Check the brakes, tires, pedal and many more.


Whenever you cycle, never forget about your protective gears like helmet and pads. When you consider a helmet, make sure that it fits correctly. You need to secure pads too. Put it in your knees and elbows so it can reduce the harshness of injury if you fall from the bicycle.



When you cycle during the night, it is important that you wear reflective clothing. If you are cycling during the day, at least wear a light or bright coloured clothing. Your clothing is a big help because it can increase your visibility.

Left side of the road

When you ride your bicycle, always ride on the left side of the road. Do not drive recklessly because it can cause accidents. Stay on the safe side and do not glide through the traffic. Drive steadily.  You should be disciplined. When you cycle, maintain a slow and safe speed.



Always keep your eyes on the road. Do not think of other things. Your senses should be heightened whenever you ride. For example, you have to watch out for traffic signals and road signs at all times. You have to look out for road obstructions and more importantly, you have to watch out who you are approaching. When you are approaching a pedestrian with elders and children crossing, wait for them.

Cycling is an enjoyable activity. You can keep away from accidents if you practice and observe the things mentioned above.

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