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Reviewing Child Abuse Codes with Your Nanny


Abuse can be physical, mental, financial or emotional. Regardless of the form of abuse, it can create a hole in the life of abused children. There was a case here in Singapore where an Indonesian maid slapped the face of her employer’s 3 year old daughter. The maid pleaded guilty but the memory of that slapping will never be locked up.

Children are vulnerable to numerous abuses because abusers believe that they can be terrorized easily. As a parent, it is important that your child do not suffer any form of abuse especially if you are not around to protect them. If you employed a nanny, you have to remind her of the following things:


  1. Do not physically hurt the child. You have to remind the nanny that regardless of the acts of the child, he/she does not deserve to be hurt physically. Slapping is not acceptable.
  2. Do not verbally hurt the child. You have to remind the nanny that it is natural for the child to misbehave. The nanny should not hurt the child by saying words.
  3. Report the misbehaviour. You should tell the nanny that you are only responsible for your child. That means you only have the right to discipline him/her. Just tell the nanny to report the misbehaviour to you so you can deal about it.
  4. Be patient. It is challenging to deal with a child but if you are patient, all things will pay off. You should remind the nanny that in her dealings with the child, she should always extend her patience.

You need to be assured that your nanny will not hurt your child. Make the nanny understand that hurting the child will not solve everything.


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