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Quality Traits of a Good Plumber

If you are planning to employ a professional plumbing contractor, then you would definitely want to hire the best plumber in the industry – a plumber who doesn’t just know what he’s doing but is also worthy of a good review and treats his clients with utmost respect. Although it’s easy to recognize the work of a skilled plumber after seeing the end result, how will you be able to evaluate the merits of a plumbing contractor before he starts working on your repair job? To help you with that, we listed some of the traits of a true professional plumber.

1. Licensed and Insured

When you ask your plumber if he’s bonded, insured and licensed, he should be willing to show you all of his credentials and provide you a list of references that can attest to the quality of his plumbing services and works. Also, ensure that every documentation you see is valid and current, and when contacting your plumber’s previous clients, be sure to inquire about his demeanour, attitude, timeliness as well as the end product he produced.

2. Knowledgeable

Having a proper plumbing qualification and education is crucial to become a professional plumber. When you search for a good 24 hours plumber in Singapore the person should be appropriately educated, trained and qualified to become a skilled plumbing contractor. So make sure that you hire someone who earned his skills, education and qualification from a reputable plumbing school in Singapore, as these plumbers are the ones who will likely practise enthusiasm and professionalism in is field of work.

3. Experienced

Plumbing systems are complex, which is why it should only be handled by professionals who know just what they are doing. Opting for an inexperienced plumbing contractor will likely cause accidents that might force you to completely replace your plumbing system – which can be quite expensive and time-consuming. So be sure to perform some research beforehand so you will be able to find a skilled plumber who has previously worked the same plumbing issues as yours.

4. Punctual

A good plumber respects the time of their customers and offers some compensation in the event they show up late for work. Certain circumstances, such experiencing a heavy traffic, might get in the way and prevent your plumber from arriving on time. If your prospective plumbing contractor truly respects and values your time, they will not let you experience that frustration – they will go to work as quickly as possible and finish the job that you paid them for.

5. Respects Your Home

Another sign that you hired a good plumbing contractor is when he respects your home. He will be able to show it through removing his shoes when entering your home or wearing some plastic booties before walking over your carpet. Your plumber will also take time to protect any furniture or appliance that could get damaged as he starts working on your repair job. Aside from that, a professional plumber also tidies up the mess in his work area, regardless if the homeowner will use the space or not. Showing this kind of care for your home bodes well for the quality of work that the plumber provides.

6. Provides a Good Service Warranty

Aside from respecting your home, another fool-proof sign that you hired a good and reliable plumber is that he provides a good warranty for his plumbing works. Remember that having repeat visits to fix the same problem will cost you more, especially if no warranty is in place before the initial repair job started. As much as possible, work closely with your plumbing contractor and make sure that you thoroughly understand the warranty he is offering before agreeing to its terms and conditions. If your plumber refuses to provide a service warranty for a certain period of time, however, then it would be best to start looking for another plumber to hire.

7. Safety-Conscious

Prioritizing the safety of everyone is another known trait of a good plumber. Plumbing works can be dangerous at time, but experiencing any accidents can be avoided by following all the established safety protocols and meeting every required safety standard. Remember that a good plumber will always make the safety of everyone his top priority. He will make sure that his work area is secure and clean, and he will also bring a safety equipment with him when necessary.

8. Competent

As a homeowner, you definitely want a plumber who is highly knowledgeable in the plumbing industry. By interviewing several plumbing contractors, you will get an idea as to who really knows their work and who is just beating around the bush. Ask several questions and see how detailed their answers are. This will help you determine as to whether or not your chosen plumber is equipped with the right skills and knowledge necessary for your repair job.

9. Honest and Reliable

Aside from being competent, your prospective plumber should also be reliable especially if you are hiring him for his 24 hours plumber services. So make sure that you choose a plumber who is neatly dressed, shows up on time, and is equipped with all the right tools and equipment. It would also be good idea to hire a plumbing contractor who will not take advantage of your lack of knowledge in plumbing industry or overcharge you once the job is done.

10. Quick Response Time

Your plumber’s response time is another important thing to consider when gauging his reliability. Whenever you have a leaky faucet, a broken pipe or any issue that needs to be addressed immediately, he should be readily available to deal with your problem. Otherwise, your plumbing system might end up suffering more serious damages.

Finding the right contractor who can deliver the plumbing services that you need can be quite challenging at times. So make sure that you keep the aforementioned qualities in mind to tell if you found another amateur plumber or one of the best in plumbing industry in Singapore.

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