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Planning Your Bbq Menu for Vegetarian Guests

Bbq catering is the most popular way to celebrate outdoor parties and social gatherings in Singapore. It features the rich flavors of popular bbq dishes, otah and satay, and boasts the scenic outdoor venues of the country. However, not all bbq catering meals are preferred by all your guests, especially those who have special diet to follow. So, if you’re planning to throw an outdoor barbecue party and invited some vegetarian friends, consider this guideline in planning your bbq catering menu.

1. Provide the right kind of meat

Many non-vegetarians ask vegetarians whether or not they eat ham and chicken. These meats contain more than enough amount of cholesterol and, therefore, are not eaten by most vegetarians. Bacon, ham, salami and chicken are the most common types of meat that healthy-eaters often avoid eating. However, most of them eat fish. Just to be sure be sure, ask those guests what kind of vegetarians they are. Are they vegan (no dairy and meat), pure vegetarian (no meat and fish), or are they under medication (ask what they can’t eat)? Once you confirmed what to serve and not to serve for whom, start planning the barbecue foods to serve.

2. Always separate meat and veggies

Most vegetarians don’t like any trace of meat on their food. That’s why you have to keep everything from in Singapore like meat and veggies separate all the time. Provide separate grillers when cooking meat and veggies, and separate plates when serving them. If you can only provide a single griller, divide the space into two, and make sure to clean the grills beforehand to remove any meat residues. When cooking, never let the juice of the meet touch the veggies and non-meat products, or else you will have to start cooking all over again for your vegetarian friends.

3. Make use of vegetable substitutes

Ask your healthy-eaters guests if they can handle minimal amount of meat. If so, make use of vegetable substitutes, like meat veggies. Ask your Singapore bbq wholesale and catering company to incorporate meat vegetables to some dishes for vegetarian guests. Some of these healthy meats come in the form of sausages and burgers, and are available in almost all Singapore supermarkets. But keep in mind that meat veggies have lesser juices, so you might have to use oil when cooking in order to avoid the meat from sticking to the griller.

4. Make vegetable skewers

Vegetable kebabs are not just healthy but are pleasing to the eyes as well. Kebabs can be the best you can offer to your non-meat eater friends. With a little marinade, you’ll give those boring vegetables a lip-smacking taste. Marinate onions, mushroom, and red and green bell peppers in cumin, chilli sauce, and crushed coriander before skewing them together. Courgettes and aubergines are also very tasty additions, especially when coated with little olive oil. Just make sure to mention to your bbq wholesale and catering provider about this so they can prepare your vegetable skewers ahead of time.

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