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Places to Visit for Beauty Shopping in Hong Kong


When you are in Hong Kong, you should make the most out of your trip by buying beauty products. Yes, there are beauty products in Singapore but some products are cheaper overseas. You just need to find good bargains to save more. The good news is that you will find many of your favourite brands in Hong Kong.


You just need to know where to go.  Do not miss any of these stores while you are in Hong Kong:


There are many SaSa outlets back home but if you are in a different place, might as well check it out. SaSa is after all from Hong Kong so expect that they offer cheaper prices compared to their overseas stores. They boast of a wide portfolio of cosmetics as well as perfume and skincare for you to pick up.


Bonjour is also another big time chain in Hong Kong like SaSa. Bonjour offers different brands because of its large collection of Japanese cosmetics. Bonjour is also in every street so finding it is not hard. You will have no problem locating it.



Colourmix boasts of cosmetics with more than forty stores around the island. It is actually a smaller competition of SaSa. The best thing about colourmix is its spacious and trendy ambiance which surely entice you to shop more. Its target customer is younger women. Although you will find that not all brands are here, you will still able to get some good deals.

If you are in the centre, look for it in Silvercord, 30 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui, Argyle Centre Phase I, Mong Kong and Lockhard Road, Causeway Bay.

759 Kawaiiland

SaSa may be a giant but there is a newcomer that took the hearts of the young. 759 Kawaiiland does not only offer cosmetics and other personal care products. It also offers other things like stationary and many more – basically everything. Goods are directly imported from Taiwan, Korea and Japan.

Their store is located in Terminal 2 Hong Kong International Airport and East Point City.


There are many Watsons chains back home – you can basically find it in every mall. The store offers beauty and health care products from the hair to the lips and nails. You can also find famous brands like Maybelline, Revlon and Loreal.

Remember Watsons always have good deals and it is worth checking out.

Since you are in Hong Kong, might as well check out the chains mentioned above.


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