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Do You Need Hearing Aids?

A lot of people associate hearing aids with the elderly, but these unnoticeable pieces can help anyone with a hearing condition to improve their speech comprehension and hearing in general. So, how do they work and how will you know if you need hearing aids?

What are Hearing Aids?
A hearing aid is a type of electronic device made up of three parts; amplifier, speaker and microphone. It is worn on the ear so that the person can make sounds louder both in quiet and noisy situations. The amplifier is the device that increases the power of the signals so it can be sent to the ear through the speaker. The microphone is the part that receives the sound and converts the sound waves into electrical signals before sending it to the amplifier. Some hearing aids also have batteries that will power the electronic parts.

Not all hearing aids are the same, because some are made with the following characteristics in mind: amplification technology (it could be analog or digital), design, and other special features. It’s no wonder why hearing aids in Singapore can be pricey especially if you’re choosing designs that will be comfortable on the ears.

Can Hearing Aids Help?
A lot of people have benefited from the use of hearing aids, especially those who suffer from hearing loss because of the damage to their hair cells (or the small sensory cells). This is caused not just by aging but can also result from injury, diseases, and medication.

The hearing aid helps by magnifying the sound vibrations that will enter the ear. If the person has had extensive damage to the hair cells, it means that he/she needs greater amplification. As the sound enters the ear and is magnified by the amplifier, the remaining hair cells will be able to detect the vibrations and then convert these to neural signals to be sent to the brain.

If you think you need hearing aids, you should visit an audiologist or an otolaryngologist so a hearing test can be administered. Hearing aids are usually recommended for people with problems in transmission of sounds in the eardrum and middle ear, and reduced functions in the inner ear sensory cells. The only limitation to the use of hearing aids is the extent of the damage to the person’s ear. If the inner ear is too damaged for example, hearing aids cannot help. For severe cases, cochlear implants are recommended instead.

What are the Types of Hearing Aids?
Hearing aids are available in different colors, shapes and sizes depending on your needs. The most common designs are behind-the-ear, mini behind-the ear, in-the-ear, in-the canal, and completely in-the-canal styles. You will also need hearing aids for both your ears instead of just one to avoid auditory deprivation.

Analog hearing aids make continuous sound waves louder, while digital hearing aids can do the same but also convert sounds waves into digital signals. You should also talk to your doctor about additional features such as directional microphone, telephone switch, direct audio input, and feedback suppression.

Can Playing Tetris Prevent Post-Accident Gruesome Flashbacks?

Car accidents often leave victims suffering from disturbing memories on a loop in their minds— aside from the potential physical injuries they may also sport, that is. While physical injuries require immediate medical attention for it to be tend to, the deal with mental images is that there is no magic pill sold in pharmacies to put your mind on pause.

These memories, often characterized as emotionally disturbing and triggering, is only an aspect of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). It is notably difficult to keep your mind off things when you do not possess full control of letting these memories get to you, but as the old English idiom goes, every cloud has a silver lining. The good news is, researchers has recently found out you have the power to prevent it from bothering you.

The solution? Play Tetris immediately after the incident. The classic game Tetris, aside from its ability to take you to a trip down memory lane, is actually found out to be effective at reducing emotional scars during traumatic experiences.

Scientific claim
A study done by Sweden’s Karolinska Institute revolved on experimenting around with the idea, later gathering volunteers for an observational study involving a number of gory film clips. Soon enough, they were able to establish a finding. Playing Tetris right after seeing something triggering or traumatic has a certain effect on the brain, which likely gives it a reprogram to prevent flashbacks from occurring.

The general idea from this study was accordingly taken further to more practical aspects of real-life scenarios, applying the case on actual victims of car accidents. Victims and a number of witnesses were asked to recall the memories they have of the accident, and then later on asked to play a classic game of Tetris for not more than 20 minutes. The result? It was noted how the players only had few intrusive memories for the following week.

Why does it work?
There are a number of plausible reasons why playing the game is effective at hindering horrific flashbacks. One is, it requires serious analytical skills regarding where certain tile pieces are placed, and such a strong brain power on your part blocks these bad memories from getting stored in the brain.

Another possible reason is because it successfully interferes with how your brain visualizes the flashback. Sure, you might recall how the event rolled out and even focus on intricate gruesome details at the same time— but a part of yourself would stop before you can even think about it more.

You wouldn’t want to overwrite the memory you hold, not when it could interfere how you’ll be able to recount every detail again. You might want to save all the details later, say, when you talk to a physical injury attorney for legal advice.

In general, playing Tetris can actually help in dealing with our pain. It proves to be a convenient distraction as it spares ourselves from wallowing in the devastating pain brought by physical and mental injuries in accidents. In the case of preventing gruesome flashbacks, more specifically, Tetris has been backed by science to be just as effective as therapy. Who knows? It might just be worth installing the game now.

Here’s How You can Improve Your Note-Taking Technique

Taking notes is something a lot of us continue to do even after college. In fact, a lot of jobs entail jotting down important details regardless of what field they may be. It is one fool-proof way to keep track and remember information, but a number of people still view it as an intimidating endeavor.

The good news is: Note-taking doesn’t have to be taken as a difficult task. If you get acquainted with efficient tips and techniques, taking down notes will be as simple as ABC!

• Keep them simple
As much as you want to retain all the information presented in a lecture or a company presentation, there is only so much you can retain in paper. The key to achieve the best notes is to learn how to organize them coherently. The more you keep them simple and easy to understand, the better you are to likely remember the information.

• Use keywords and short sentences
You don’t necessarily need lengthy notes. There’s always the temptation of jotting down elaborate notes for later recalling, but keeping them short and simple is actually already ideal. You only have to ensure these words and short sentences trigger information and jumpstart your memory when the time comes you have to sit down and study.

• Write your notes in your own words
This is one technique to actually help you digest the information. You don’t have to quote verbatim from a professor or a colleague all the time. If you write your notes in your own words, you actually take time understanding the concept of what was taught/said. This helps you remember the note better especially when you’re taking a comprehensive exam.

• Create a system of symbols
Another trick to better organize your notes is to create a system of symbols. This is ideal for notes which requires further research and extensive studying. You can make use of symbols such as asterisks and circles to denote an important background research, or a question mark to highlight an item you’d like to ask your professor further about after class.

• Adapt a system to easily find notes
You are likely to have tons of notes especially if you’re taking five and more classes for the semester. Or if you’re already a part of the work force, you may have notes for a few meetings and presentations that need proper structuring for you to quickly find the information you’re looking for. In order to address this, it is better for you to adapt an indexing system. This can be in form of hand-numbering the pages or writing a brief index at the beginning of every new section.

Improving Life Through Better Grammar

Nowadays, a lot of people disregard the importance of grammar and, as long as they can understand one another, they then tend to be contented. This is okay when it comes to basic communication, but what about professional writing. There’s a huge difference between elaborating what you are saying or writing compared to simplify everything.

Clarity Means Being More Specific
If you say you are “talking”, you wouldn’t paint a really good picture compared to using the word “whisper”, “shout”, “blurt”, and many other words. When it comes to grammar, there are definitely levels of complexity, sometimes if we say “I want to eat a hotdog, man” we are simply implying that we want to eat a hotdog and referring to the person we are talking to as “man”.

If we say “I want to eat a hotdog man” that wouldn’t paint a really good picture. You can imagine eating a person in a hotdog suite! That is definitely not the picture you would want to have in mind. It doesn’t take much for you to be able to improve your grammar.

Better English Through Better Thinking
Some people believe that you need to really study and take grammar as a course for you to actually improve your grammar when, in fact, you just need to think more logically. When it comes to any kind of field, there are always rules and language is definitely not an exception. Luckily for us, there are languages more complicated and abstract than the English language.

Although the English language is not perfect and still has flaws, this doesn’t necessarily mean a deficiency in being able to fully express what we want to verbalize. Sadly, grammar is taken for granted nowadays because people do not understand most of it and would rather live their lives under a rock rather than having to go out and explore the world to actually learn and improve.

Miscommunication as a Source of Problem
Not everybody gets along and one of the main reasons is because of miscommunication. Miscommunication can be a very dangerous abstraction when it comes to relating a certain message from one person to another. A lot of long and brutal fights throughout history have been started through miscommunication and we are no exception.

The consequences to improper grammar can be devastating which is why it is very important that we learn proper grammar. The higher and more complicated the thoughts you are able to grasp, the bigger your need for grammar and vocabulary since you won’t be able to elaborate things if you only have a small range of vocabulary and poor grammar skills.

The Importance of Rice in Singapore Culture

Just to state the obvious, we Asians love rice. There’s no denying that fact. Of course we do! Why wouldn’t we? Rice is amazing! Rice also plays a huge role in the Singaporean Cuisine. It’s kind of funny that almost every country around Asia has a specific way of cooking rice. Well, how could they not? Rice is easy to grow, easy to prepare, and easy to cook. There are so many things you can do with rice!

Rice in Singaporean Cuisine
Most people say that if you’re Asian, you must be able of consuming a huge amount of rice. Well, true or not, we can’t deny how much we love eating rice. There are so many influences in Singapore and the Asian Cuisine is one of them.

Fun fact: most of the dishes you find in your local Hawker were recipes transported all the way from Hong Kong and other parts of the world. One thing that pops into people’s minds when they hear about rice is Hainanese Chicken rice which is undoubtedly the most popular dish around Singapore. In fact, people from all around the world find their way to Singapore just to taste this amazing dish!

Asian Culture is Based on Rice
Rice has been widely celebrated throughout history as it used to be one of the deciding factors or measurement of wealth in ancient times. Wait a minute! So we’re saying that we got our influences in rice all the way from China? What about other places? What about Indian dishes? What about Indonesian or Malaysian dishes? You are definitely correct!

There are so many other cuisines that use rice! Just like Ketupat which originated from Indonesia and Malaysia. One great thing about the city of Singapore is the collection of flavor from around the world!

Elevating Cooking into Art
There are so many things you can taste and we’d bet you that if you put your mind and effort into actually tasting the food around you, you could spend a whole year eating a different dish from a different restaurant or stall every meal! Imagine that? Well, this might be a bit extreme, but if you can do it, why not? Food is a huge part of our humanity. Not only is it something we need to keep us alive.

Food is more than just a means to survive. It is a form of art, a form of culture, a form of history! There are so many things about food that we forget to appreciate with every bite but the more we indulge ourselves into food, the more we’ll realize that there is a whole different world at the tip of our tongues.

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