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Online Shopping the Safe Way

Shopping is a fun experience but sometimes it exhausts you. Hours of carrying bags, walking and waiting for the cashier are tiring. Instead of going out, there are people who prefer to stay at home and just enjoy the peace and quiet. For people who are fond of shopping but hesitate to go out, they can simply consider online shopping.


Online shopping offers convenience which is why it is becoming popular these days. Now, you can shop without thinking about the parking, walking, carrying and queuing. With your internet and a few clicks, you can shop all you want. But you should be wary because there are a lot of people who will take advantage of your need. If you do not want to be a victim, you should consider the following things to protect yourself:

Maintain anti-virus and firewall

You should be aware that viruses and other Trojan horses can steal and change computer data. Your first line of defence against this is installing and maintaining anti-virus and firewall. Do not forget anti-spyware software to be sure.

Update web browser

You have to make sure that your web browser is up to date. This is not a big problem because every time updates are available, the computer will prompt you. Updating your web browser is important so that attackers cannot take advantage of its vulnerabilities.

Choose reputable vendors

Vendors will ask you to fill in some information. Before filling it out, be sure that the vendor is reputable. Attackers will deceive you by making bogus sites. They are so good that they appear legitimate. To be sure, you have to check and review the certificate given to you particularly the physical address, telephone number, etc of the vendor.



Secure your passwords

Aside from your anti-virus and firewall, you can add additional protection by using passwords. Be careful where you disclose your passwords because attackers may use it to steal something. To be safe, periodically change your passwords and make sure it is unpredictable.

Lookout for emails asking for information

There are sites that appear legitimate asking you to provide important personal information. You should watch out for emails that are asking you for information. Whatever happens, do not provide sensitive information. Look out for the sites you  click too.


When you open a site, make sure that it is encrypted. Sites use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) to encrypt data. You will know it is encrypted if you see a padlock icon and if it begins with https. Avoid going to sites beginning with  http because they are not encrypted.

Check statements

When you transact online, credit cards are used. Do not consider your debit card because it gets money directly at your account. You have to check and review your statements all the time. If there are discrepancies, let your bank and other authorities know.


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