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Motivational Tips to Start a Running Exercise

Running for fitness should be easy to start, as it’s something that you’ve practically done ever since you were a little kid. But for most of us somehow, the call of the scenic trail or the open road is shut down by the comfort of the bed or a documentary on TV. Worry not though, for we offer some easy ways for you to not just start a running routine, but to stick with it as well.


  1. Star Small

Just because you started to have a running regimen doesn’t mean that you should already train like you’re joining a marathon. Understand that pushing yourself too hard will only lead to injuries, which will surely affect your motivation.

So be injury-free and keep your eagerness to run by taking things easy. Set an easy goal such running to the end of the block and back at a certain amount of time. You can also start running for two minutes on your first try, while gradually adding an extra minute each day until you reach a 30-minute run.

  1. Set a Running Goal

Setting a goal may seem a bit boring, but doing so is what actually makes any exercise program more fun. For instance, choose a destination somewhere in Singapore and slowly rack up the miles until you really get there. Keep a record of each mile that you run, and see how you gradually start to progress.

Just imagine how you’ll feel when you realize that you’ve covered the distance of about half of the country. It wouldn’t hurt to treat yourself with an actual trip to your motivational place after achieving your goal.


  1. Listen to a Good Workout Music

Whether Lady Gaga or Pink gets you going, knowing what music beats move your feet will definitely help with your running success. Consider creating a running playlist to energize and motivate you to work out. Your playlist could be composed of a blend of rock anthems or beat-heavy dance mixes.

If music isn’t your thing, however, consider listening to a podcast or an audiobook of any book that interest you. Both will take your mind off the effort of exercising, and you get to work your brain along with your body.

  1. Invest in Quality Running Gears

Although it doesn’t take a huge gear investment to start a running regimen, it’s actually a factor that will keep you motivated to workout. Be it a shirt that sponges sweat from your skin or a pair of well-developed running shoes, why not consider purchasing a quality running gear to help you get going?

You can also consider using heart rate monitors that measure your pulse as you exercise, track your calorie intake, set new targets based on your current fitness level, and urge you to slow down or speed up when needed.

Starting and sticking to a running regimen can be really challenging at times. But by putting the aforementioned tips to work, you’ll definitely be able to get up your couch and start running towards a healthier lifestyle.


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