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Look Young, Feel Young

It is said that beauty is in the eye of the beholder but sometimes, external factors such as hair and skin care products can make women more beautiful. It is the dream of some if not all women to look younger than their age. As a result, women patronize different vanity products and services. The market is flooded with many vanity products and services but the real challenge is to look for effective products or services.

If in this case we are considering skin care, there are several ways of making our skin healthy. Frequent exposure to the sun can greatly affect the skin. The sun can cause dryness and blemished pigmentation not to mention it is the source of serious problems like sunburns and skin cancer. It is advisable not to go out between 10am to 4pm because during this time, the sun’s intensity is very high. If going out can’t be helped, at least set out with protection. We can rely on long sleeved shirts, long pants and umbrella or a hat. More importantly, look for sunscreen. The general rule is that the higher the SPF (Sun Protect Factor) number, the more effective it is.

We should be informed that smoking ages the skin. Aside from aging quickly, we know that smoking is really not good for our body especially the lungs. Drinking alcohol can dehydrate the skin. It is better to drink plenty of water instead of smoking or drinking alcohol. It is also recommended to eat a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables.

Cleansing the skin before we go to sleep is crucial. We can use soap to wash off the dirt and bacteria then after we can apply toner to get rid of the remaining particles and for the final part, apply some moisturizer. Establishing a sleeping routine will help the skin revitalize. To get a good sleep, catch a warm bath and avoid eating heavy meal before going to sleep.

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