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Items to Take to the Beach


When rushing from all the excitement, sometimes you forget to bring the essentials to have an enjoyable and comfortable stay at the beach.

Here are the essentials you need to pack.



Of course, these should be the first items you should grab. Swimwear is safer, lighter and easier to wash than regular clothing. Make sure to rinse your swimwear after you use them to keep in good condition.


Towel, Soap and Shampoo

You need to wash after soaking in the water. Take a small bottle of shampoo and liquid soap for convenience. Bring at least two towels for your trip. The resort might not have enough bathroom supplies so it’s safer to bring your own.


Hat or Cap and Sunglasses

Protect your face from too much exposure to sunlight. Sunglasses will also help shield your eyes from the direct heat of the sun. Pick sunglasses that don’t just have a tint but have UV protection.


Sunscreen for Hair and Skin

Sunscreen will help prevent getting your skin burnt by exposure to too much sunlight. There are sunblocks made separately for the face and the hair as well. Sunscreens with SPF 15 should be enough. SPF means sun protection factor or the time the formula is still taking effect. You will need to keep reapplying if you intend to soak for hours.


Lip Balm

Exposure to sunlight, salty water and even the chemicals in the pool will dry and chap your lips. A lip balm with sunscreen will help keep your lips moisturized and protected.



You can get dehydrated when you’re on the beach or when you’re soaking in the pool. Apply moisturizer after you rinse.


You can’t soak in the pool on your sneakers. Walking barefoot is also a no-no. Wear flipflops because they are light and convenient.


Water Bottle

Don’t wait until you’re dehydrated before drinking water. Even if you have been soaking in the pool for hours, it doesn’t mean that you don’t need water. You can’t absorb water through your pores. Those with sensitive tummies also need to bring their own supply of water.



Even if you don’t have to take medication everyday, you should still prepare for emergencies. Bring painkillers and anti-diarrhea medication. If you’re leaving with a group of people, assign a member to bring first aid kit especially if you decide to stay at the resort for more than a day.



Secure important items in your bag. Arrange your change of clothes and items neatly so that you don’t waste time rummaging through your bag later. Pack your toiletries in a separate pouch for convenience.


Camera and Other Gadgets

Don’t forget to capture those fun moments with your camera. Bring extra batteries or a charger. Don’t forget your cell phone as well. If you have water-proof gadgets, this is the perfect time to bring them.

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