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Initial Preparations for a Stress-Free Wedding

Weddings are exciting but the preparations months before the event can be time-consuming and stressful. While shopping for outfits might be the most fun part in the process, it’s the least important in your list of things to do.

This should be the first thing you and your future spouse should talk about first before making any plans. The wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event so if you can afford to be lavish, then why not. But if you’re still saving up for the future, a simple and solemn ceremony isn’t something to be ashamed of. Talk it over with parents from both sides of the family, especially if you have decided on a traditional ceremony. Your wedding planner should be able to ease the burden of the preparations for you. If you decide on a traditional wedding ceremony for example, they should include means of contacting performers during the rituals.

Date and Time
Some couples want the ceremony to take place on an auspicious day. Consult a fortune teller or astrologist. Again, both of you should decide on this together. Contact all the possible guests to make sure that most of them will be able to attend on that day. Make sure to book the venue ahead to get your desired date and time.

The type and number of ceremonies will depend on the couple’s ethnic and religious background. Some couples also opt for a Western-style wedding ceremony in Singapore even if they are not part of the faith. Contact the celebrants who will perform the ceremony ahead of time. Performers and other participants during the rituals should also be arranged. Modern weddings sometimes mix traditional ceremonies with non-traditional practices. Agree on a wedding ceremony with from Singapore who will help you with your wedding dress that will reflect both of your preferences. Let your bridal studio know of the appropriate outfit for the ceremony.

Guest List
Before looking for a venue, draw up a list of guests. This will determine the type of location you will need to accommodate all the guests as well as the the menu. You and your partner should make the list together. Begin with your relatives and close friends. Then select the people who will be part of your entourage. Make sure you let them know beforehand so that they can clear up their schedule for the event.

List of Food
Provide different types of food that all your guests can enjoy. That is why creating a list of guests is important so that you’ll know who is not supposed to eat a particular food. Choose a diverse menu that children and adults can enjoy. Don’t stick to one flavor or cuisine alone, because some of your guests might not enjoy the food. If you need to, have the wedding organizer arrange separate areas for different types of food. Alcoholic drinks for example, can be served only at a designated bar. Decide whether you want to pick the caterer in Singapore yourself or you want the bridal studio to help you make arrangements. You can also add personal touches to the food by adding your own recipe.

Bridal Studio
Scout Singapore for a bridal shop that will offer discounts and exclusive services. Compare packages and read reviews. Even if you haven’t decided yet about the gown you’re going to wear on your wedding day, at least you know which bridal boutique will make the selection process easier for you. Check the bridal shop for available sizes and styles. Look for a bridal boutique that offers packages for dressing up your entourage.

Venue and Theme
Deciding on a theme can make the preparation easier. For non-traditional weddings, the theme will narrow down the choice of colors, decorations, outfits and the venue. For traditional wedding ceremonies that will take place in several venues or can take hours or days, you should be able to provide accommodations for your guests. Look for temples, shrines and churches that are licensed as official venues that perform marriages to save time. Others choose to follow non-traditional practices for the wedding reception after a solemn traditional ceremony.

Engagement Party
Some marriage ceremonies require the couple to organize an engagement party especially for traditional weddings. For some couples, this is the time for the families to have a feast and exchange gifts. Schedule a day to practice what you need to during the ceremony in the engagement party. For non-traditional weddings, an engagement is a party is like a start of celebrations for the union. Decide who will be hosting the party and where. Engagement parties are scheduled soon after the proposal. The party should give you an idea what happens during your wedding. You will go through the same preparations too.

Photography and Video
Some bridal studio in Singapore offer photography and video packages. Decide what style you’d want for your photos. It could be portraiture, documentary, fine art or edgy and bold. Check out listings of photographers in Singapore especially those who specialize in weddings. Compare price packages before deciding on one. Set an appointment for interviews so you can review some of their work. Ask how many photos can be taken, the resolution of the images, if you can print the pictures yourself, and if the photos can be retouched. It would also save time if the bridal studio also has a videographer. Ask about the type of packages they offer. It will also help to ask for recommendations. Ask the videographer to show samples of his/her work before deciding.

Legal Processes
Make sure to read and fulfil all the required papers for marriage in Singapore. Some faiths require a marriage contract. The contract will state the bride price, demands and expectations, and terms for divorce. There are two separate registries for two types of marriage contracts. One is for civil marriages which must be submitted to the Registry of Marriage. The other is completed at Registry of Muslim Marriages for Muslim couples.

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