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Improving Life Through Better Grammar

Nowadays, a lot of people disregard the importance of grammar and, as long as they can understand one another, they then tend to be contented. This is okay when it comes to basic communication, but what about professional writing. There’s a huge difference between elaborating what you are saying or writing compared to simplify everything.

Clarity Means Being More Specific
If you say you are “talking”, you wouldn’t paint a really good picture compared to using the word “whisper”, “shout”, “blurt”, and many other words. When it comes to grammar, there are definitely levels of complexity, sometimes if we say “I want to eat a hotdog, man” we are simply implying that we want to eat a hotdog and referring to the person we are talking to as “man”.

If we say “I want to eat a hotdog man” that wouldn’t paint a really good picture. You can imagine eating a person in a hotdog suite! That is definitely not the picture you would want to have in mind. It doesn’t take much for you to be able to improve your grammar.

Better English Through Better Thinking
Some people believe that you need to really study and take grammar as a course for you to actually improve your grammar when, in fact, you just need to think more logically. When it comes to any kind of field, there are always rules and language is definitely not an exception. Luckily for us, there are languages more complicated and abstract than the English language.

Although the English language is not perfect and still has flaws, this doesn’t necessarily mean a deficiency in being able to fully express what we want to verbalize. Sadly, grammar is taken for granted nowadays because people do not understand most of it and would rather live their lives under a rock rather than having to go out and explore the world to actually learn and improve.

Miscommunication as a Source of Problem
Not everybody gets along and one of the main reasons is because of miscommunication. Miscommunication can be a very dangerous abstraction when it comes to relating a certain message from one person to another. A lot of long and brutal fights throughout history have been started through miscommunication and we are no exception.

The consequences to improper grammar can be devastating which is why it is very important that we learn proper grammar. The higher and more complicated the thoughts you are able to grasp, the bigger your need for grammar and vocabulary since you won’t be able to elaborate things if you only have a small range of vocabulary and poor grammar skills.

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