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How to Travel With Your Pets During the Holidays

As the holiday season approaches, you have probably started planning for a holiday trip, while also figuring out the best way to make sure that your pet is well taken care of. But for many of us, bringing our pet along with us makes more sense than leaving them to a pet sitter. So if your holiday travel plans involve tagging your cat or dog along, here are some tips to make your holiday vacation with the fury friends worriless and easy.


1.       Create a Pet Travel Kit. Assemble a pet travel kit containing the things that your pet needs while on the trip. Make sure to include pet food, toys, treats, medications, leash, bowls, travel towels, and poop bags. If your pet will be away from his primary owner throughout the entire trip, ensure to bring along an item that belongs to the person, such as a shirt or a towel, to alleviate the animal’s separation anxiety. Place these essential items in a separate bag so you won’t have to scramble through your suitcase to find certain things to comfort your pet.

2.       Stock Up on Pet Supplies. Pet supplies, by nature, tend to hold out to a lot of wear and tear; that’s why it’s crucial to ensure all of your pet’s items are safe and well-maintained before the trip. Items like leashes, collars, carriers, bows, booties, and jackets should be inspected before travelling. Some of these items tend to worn down naturally, and it’s better to replace some old items now than deal with a broken crate or snapped collar while you’re away from home

3.       Visit Your Veterinarian. It is incredibly important to update the medical records of your pet before travelling. This typically consists of a document from your veterinarian, stating that your pet is up-to-date on all the necessary vaccinations and shots. Most pet-friendly areas and hotels require these records, which is why it’s necessary to bring a copy of this document when going on a trip. Generally, it’s ideal to have your pet checked before travelling to ensure that your pet is healthy and fit to go on a trip.

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4.       Dedicate a Special Time With Your Pet. Travelling can be exciting, but it can be overwhelming for your pet. Even if your trip week-long trip is jam-packed with activities, set aside some time to spend with your pet. Going for a walk or a short trip to the park with your dog can be crucial for your pet’s healthy and overall mood. Ensuring that your pet stays relax and on his regular routine makes a great difference in managing their mood and behaviour towards an unfamiliar place.

5.       Come Up With an Emergency Plan. Though you don’t want to think about misfortunes happening to your pet, unexpected things can happen especially when your pet is in a new place. Your dog can hurt his paw or your cat can accidentally eat something weird. That’s why it’s always great to come up with an emergency plan ahead of time. Before leaving, make sure your destination has a local vet nearby the place where you’ll be staying. While it’s more likely that everything is going to be fine, preparing a course of action for an emergency will give you peace of mind.

A holiday trip is a great bonding time for the family, as well as for your pets. To ensure optimum relaxation for you and furball, keep these advices in mind as you plan for your holiday trip.



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