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How to Stay Safe During a Thunderstorm


Mom won’t allow their children to play outside when dark clouds begin to appear; students will immediately rush towards home when it starts to rain; and the heavy rain will cause traffic as dad drives back home. You would not let that happen, right?

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Thunderstorm is a mixed up of lightning, heavy rain, gusty wind, and sometimes hail or snow. Thunderstorm is the reason for having flash floods and landslides; it is also the reason why some people lost their loved ones. How would we ever get away from this kind of danger?

Singapore is one of the countries where thunderstorms occur. We’re lucky enough that we get to experience it once a year. Since Singapore is suffering from thunderstorm for about 27 to 32 degree Celsius, here are some safety tips to save not just our family and friends but also ourselves.

You should have the following items:

  • Flashlight with extra batteries
  • First aid kit
  • Emergency food and water
  • Medicines
  • Enough cash and credit card
  • Packed clothing

Before the thunderstorm:

  • Check on the weather forecast before leaving and be updated.
  • Rain or shine, you should take an umbrella with you.
  • Postpone outdoor activities or business appointments if storm is approaching.
  • Check on your neighbors if they need special assistance like children, pregnant women, persons with disabilities, and the elderly.
  • Make sure that all battery-operated appliances such as the radio, is fully charged.
  • During the thunderstorm:
  • If you are still on a stormy area, look for a sturdy car or building near you and stay away from trees.


  • If you are in a boat, paddle immediately towards the shore. Stay away from the bodies of water.
  • At home, you must unplug unnecessary electrical appliances and put your phones off.
  • Turn on the radio or television and wait for updates about the thunderstorm signal. This may help you to whether or not evacuate from your area.
  • Avoid taking a shower or bath during a thunderstorm.
  • Power surge usually happens during thunderstorms. Better turn off your air conditioner to avoid the hazardous effects of a possible power surge.
  • Flash floods happen in lower areas. So if your home was built in a low area, evacuate and get to a higher ground.
  • Lightning may be bothering you while watching your favourite drama. Most of the people increases the television’s volume so they can clearly hear it. Avoid doing such. Lightning is the most severe which kills a lot of people each year.
  • Thunderstorm is incomplete without a strong wind which can blow trees down. Safety tip, is to close the door and the windows and stay inside the house until the storm stops.

After the thunderstorm:

  • Check your neighbors again if they need special assistance.
  • Monitor the latest weather update.

You must know every safety tips of all the natural calamities, for we do not know what might happen in the future. Being safe is better, but reminders must be taken into consideration. The more you are prepared, the more you are safe. Stay safe!


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