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How to Pack Light

Packing is usually stressful. At the back of your head, there’s always that itchy feeling that you’ve forgotten something. It may be a talent some people innately have and some do not. Well, the benefits of packing light is that you wouldn’t have to bring a lot of things all the time. I mean, isn’t it kind of inconvenient that your luggage weighs much more than you’ve expected? Or by the end of the trip, you’ve ended up not using everything packed in your luggage? Well, we want to prevent those kind of situations.

Here are a few ways for you to pack light:

1. Toiletries
When it comes to toiletries, do you need to bring them or is it okay if you don’t? depending on where you plan to stay, sometimes you wouldn’t need to bring toiletries. For example, if you are staying at a hotel, well, it’s pretty obvious that you wouldn’t need toiletries as they already have them around the room. If you are going to stay with a friend or acquaintance, or maybe even just somebody you know, it’s okay not to bring toiletries as well since you could ask them where can you buy your needed toiletries and save you the hassle of bringing them during the flight.

2. Reuse if you can
Sometimes you just don’t need to bring too much clothes. Sometimes you can reuse the clothes you’ve worn yesterday. You don’t always need to be so sure as to how many shirts you’re bringing. Sometimes you just have to reuse whatever limited shirts you have around with you.

3. Fold Properly
Sometimes the key to packing is to properly fit everything you need into a smaller sized bag or suitcase. How do you do that? Well, by proper folding. Make sure to iron your clothes before you fold them to make sure you can fold them as thin as possible. Once you’ve folded your shirts, try rolling them and squeezing them as you roll. Make sure that they are nice and tight and against each other. You’ll be surprised how much clothing you’ve actually fit inside your bag.

4. Arrange Properly
Arranging can be a bit tricky for some and really easy for others. Arrange the items in your bag geometrically and you’ll definitely have more space inside. Well, for your socks and other small pieces of garment, you wouldn’t have to make much room for them. You can just fit them anywhere you want.

Packing light does not only save you not just space, but also stress.

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