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How to Maintain a Proper and Clean Bed

Your bedroom should be a sanctuary free from distractions like noise. It should also be a place for relaxation, so you have to keep everything clean and in order including your mattress. Having a clean sleeping area isn’t just good for your health, but your state of mind as well.

Change your bedding regularly. Bed sheets touch our skin every day. Just like clothes, they collect dirt, oil and bacteria over time. Ideally, you should wash them every one or two weeks.

Wash regularly. Your sheets, pillowcases and blankets should be washed every one or two weeks. If you have allergies, use unscented detergent. Replace them if they’re worn out.

Vacuum once a month. Vacuum your mattress once a month to remove dust and dust mites. Vacuum both sides to make sure you haven’t missed anything. If you’re using a mat instead of a mattress, you should consider washing it.

Air your mattress. Over time, the mattress absorbs moisture from sweat and others. This can also make the mattress stink or become a home for molds. Air your mattress by placing it under the direct heat of the sunlight for several minutes every few months.

Clean or replace pillows. You can also air out your pillows or wash them if it’s possible (check the cleaning instructions on the label). A lifespan of a pillow according to experts is three years.

Remove liquid stains. Don’t wait until the stain has soaked through before cleaning it. Blot the affected spot. If it has urine or blood stains, apply a small amount of hydrogen peroxide or laundry detergent on the spot. The scrub until it’s gone.

Removing other stains. Spray the affected spot with a mix of water and mild detergent and blot it out with a rag or tissue.
Clean your comforters. Wash these in cold water and detergent. Make sure they fit in the washing machine or take them to a laundry shop if you can’t do it yourself. The same goes for quilts and duvets.

Prevent stains. Avoid bringing food, drinks, pets and others that can stain your mattress and bed sheets. You could also buy a mattress with a washable cover.

Clean your bedroom. Set a schedule for cleaning your bedroom at least once a year. That means not just sweeping, vacuuming or mopping the floor but getting rid of the clutter as well.

Replace your mattress. If you have back aches or sleeping problems, perhaps it has something to do with your mattress and pillows. A sagging and lumpy mattress isn’t good for your posture. There are mattresses in the market which are especially made for people with allergies and back and neck problems.

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