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How to Get Real-Time Updates on Your Cargo with Freight Forwarding

In the fast-paced world of industry, it’s important to know where everything is going and how long it will take to get there, and in Singapore, getting your cargo from one destination to another usually involves hiring a freight forwarder to organise shipment, plan the route, and book the cargo with the designated shipping company for you.

But because anything can happen while the cargo is with your freight forwarding partner and goes through either air freight or sea freight, it’s even more important to keep an eye on where the shipment is going, that’s where tracking and tracing comes in.

Tracking Software and Cargo Visibility

The freight company relies on tracking software and documentation to keep track of shipments. Before everything else, it is important to acquire a bill of lading, which is a legal document between the carrier and the shipper. It is a detailed list of the goods being carried, written in the form of a receipt. Hence, it is very important in times to import and export goods.

Cargo is usually placed in a container which belongs to the cargo transportation company. A freight forwarding agent gets regular updates with the company’s equipment office regarding the transportation carrier and its whereabouts.

One of the methods that makes cargo tracking possible is through data sharing and Electronic Data Interchange messaging to different Customs, Port, and Principal offices. With updated and accurate EDI messaging, cargo handling is usually managed and accounted for.

Getting Real-Time Updates

Real-time updates on your cargo’s condition and current location should be made available to you through different means available, such as logistics companies’ websites, or your email address.

While you can easily get in touch with international freight services, keep in mind that this may also include a lot of changes in the documentation, and you may need to regularly fill out information with your forwarding company to keep the information updated.

When the shipment finally arrives to its destination, you should also be notified for pick-up, and the information and details should be given to you accordingly.

Planning and Logistics

Freight forwarding services also offer logistics service, which largely involve planning, load handling of goods and coordination of the route for your cargo, whether overseas or just within Singapore. Your freight broker will work closely with the shipping company that carries your cargo to keep you notified on any changes of its route.

As a logistics company, forwarding services also have the means to inform you of shipping fees, to know the best routes for your cargo, and update you on where your cargo is at.

This means planning transportation routes for your cargo and checking for regular updates can now be done at home or work, as real-time updates are now easily possible with freight forwarding thanks to advanced systems such as GPS and internet tracking.

Be sure to talk to your freight forwarder on getting the latest tracking methods available for your cargo.

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