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How to Benefit From Your Mistakes

8 Ways on How You Can Benefit From Your Failures

The only people who never really tasted the bitterness of failing are the ones who never tried at all. So instead of seeing your failure as an absolute disaster, be positive about it and look at the things that you’ve learned from it. To help you, here are ways on how you can turn your failure into a positive thing and how it can be beneficial for you.


1.       Accept It

Everyone is fated to fail at some point in their life. Instead of sulking on it, learn to accept that what’s done is done since there’s no point in stressing out yourself on things that you cannot change. Just keep your chin high, and move on to your next project. Worrying too much about a particular failure will only hold you back.

2.       Learn From Experience

Rejection and failure aren’t pleasant experiences, but these experiences can be valuable too. One way to make your failure beneficial is to make sure that you learn from it. Don’t feel down about your failure, instead think about how you could have done things differently to avoid doing and experiencing the same mistake again.

3.       Know When To Quit

Knowing when to quit from a failure is also important, as it only turns into a disaster when you are not prepared to accept it – just like a gambler who places one more bet, or a person who is in a bad relationship, still willing to give it another six months.

4.       Seek For Advice and Feedback

Another way to make your failure beneficial is to analyse it and understand what really went wrong. Ask your family or some of your trusted friends for their thoughts about the situation, as well as their advice. Don’t take their feedback personally though, just take it as an opportunity to learn.

Benefits of Failures

1.       It Humbles You

Confidence is one thing, while arrogance is another and experiencing a failure is a nasty way to teach you to be humble. Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are not infallible and failures are what brings us back down to earth.

2.       It Clarifies Your Goals

Failures can be beneficial as it helps in clarifying your goal, and what comes out of it is having a clearer view of what’s important to you. A Singapore business person who failed, for example, realizes just how important their family is to them.


3.       It Teaches You To Trust Others

Most failures occur because people choose to do it on their own, or are unwilling to take advices from the people close to them. Experiencing failures teaches you the true meaning of the statement ‘no man is an island,’ and will make you more willing to listen, or heed the advices of others in the future.

4.       It Teaches You To Never Give Up

Another thing that you can learn from experiencing failures is that it teaches you to never give up. When you’ve experienced failing at something, you learn to not give up on doing it when you’re given another chance.

Experiencing a failure isn’t something that we should regret. Instead, it should be treated as an opportunity to learn and appreciate things, and start anew.

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