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Here’s How You can Improve Your Note-Taking Technique

Taking notes is something a lot of us continue to do even after college. In fact, a lot of jobs entail jotting down important details regardless of what field they may be. It is one fool-proof way to keep track and remember information, but a number of people still view it as an intimidating endeavor.

The good news is: Note-taking doesn’t have to be taken as a difficult task. If you get acquainted with efficient tips and techniques, taking down notes will be as simple as ABC!

• Keep them simple
As much as you want to retain all the information presented in a lecture or a company presentation, there is only so much you can retain in paper. The key to achieve the best notes is to learn how to organize them coherently. The more you keep them simple and easy to understand, the better you are to likely remember the information.

• Use keywords and short sentences
You don’t necessarily need lengthy notes. There’s always the temptation of jotting down elaborate notes for later recalling, but keeping them short and simple is actually already ideal. You only have to ensure these words and short sentences trigger information and jumpstart your memory when the time comes you have to sit down and study.

• Write your notes in your own words
This is one technique to actually help you digest the information. You don’t have to quote verbatim from a professor or a colleague all the time. If you write your notes in your own words, you actually take time understanding the concept of what was taught/said. This helps you remember the note better especially when you’re taking a comprehensive exam.

• Create a system of symbols
Another trick to better organize your notes is to create a system of symbols. This is ideal for notes which requires further research and extensive studying. You can make use of symbols such as asterisks and circles to denote an important background research, or a question mark to highlight an item you’d like to ask your professor further about after class.

• Adapt a system to easily find notes
You are likely to have tons of notes especially if you’re taking five and more classes for the semester. Or if you’re already a part of the work force, you may have notes for a few meetings and presentations that need proper structuring for you to quickly find the information you’re looking for. In order to address this, it is better for you to adapt an indexing system. This can be in form of hand-numbering the pages or writing a brief index at the beginning of every new section.

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