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Helping Kids with Autism

Researchers at Aldebaran Robotics have developed a robot called NAO that is designed to help kids with autism. The robot is 60cm tall and programmed to crash on the floor. It will then say that it is dizzy and needs to sit down. This is to illicit a response from kids with autism. Therapists will then monitor the kid’s response to the fallen robot, using it to gauge of the children’s social skills level.

Parents with autistic kids face difficult things but it does not mean to give up. Aside from the NAO, parents should also encourage structure to their kids. Structure can help lessen the stress, anxiety, behaviour problems and confusion of kids. Here are some tips to sustain structure:


You should create a schedule for your child. You should carefully construct a timetable from the moment he/she wakes up to the moment he/she sleeps. It is important that you teach your child the value of schedule. Remember that the activities should be according to their level.

Visual Cues

Pictures tend to be more effective. You should make and use visual cues to let your kid understand. For example, if you want your kids to do something, you should show him/her icons or photos that he/she associates with the task you want to be done.


You should give your kids activities that are geared towards their mental, physical, emotional and social development. Do not overdo everything because it may only stress your kid or frustrate them. Take things slowly and you will surely get your results in time.


Autistic kids tend to be distracted by a lot of things. If you do act, it may interfere with their concentration. You should make sure that they are far from any distractions. They can be distracted by lights, alarms, smells, etc.

If you do your best to understand and keep up to your kid, yours is not a hopeless case. You will surely see him/her better in time.

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