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Health Screening: Your Preventive Medical Care

Health screening is a diagnostic test that Singapore healthcare providers perform for preventive measures. It allows doctors to screen the body for any signs of illnesses and treat it immediately to prevent aggravation. Patients with higher risk factors for certain diseases can make sure they won’t acquire the disease as well, and if they do early treatment and prevention can be done.



Health screenings are designed for diagnostic purposes. It is used to help determine if a person has symptoms of health diseases that are potentially life-threatening. For organizations and business establishments, executive health screening is given to employees annually to detect any signs of health problems that can possibly affect their performance in the future.

Generally, the sooner a patient knows about his health condition, the better possibility there is to successfully treat and eradicate the health issue. Early detection of many diseases is important, as it paves way to the formulation of treatment and life-saving procedures.


Hypertension is also known as silent killer because of so many people walking around with no idea they have the disease. Undetected and untreated hypertension may result in many types of chronic diseases, such as stroke, kidney failure, heart attack, and congestive heart failure. You should go for health checkup in Singapore and experts suggest that even the simplest procedure of having your blood pressure checked can already warn you of the presence of hypertension, and correct it to ward off serious health complications.

Hypertension is just one of those health conditions that can be discovered during a health screening. Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, diabetes mellitus, and some types of cancers can all be uncovered in a screening session.


Health Screening Tests

There are many different tests done in a health screening session. Among these tests are blood pressure test to detect symptoms of hypertension, mammograms to detect early signs of breast cancer, ophthalmologists exams to reveal indications of cataracts and glaucoma, prostate tests to find out possibilities of prostate cancer, pap smears for cervical cancer, blood test to examine variety of health issues like diabetes and high cholesterol or triglycerides, EKG to reveal heart complications, and skin tests to identify risks of skin cancer.

Typically, a combination of these tests is enclosed in a health screening package for patient’s convenience. Patients can choose from basic, intermediate, or advanced screening package.

Time Frame

Most health screening tests begin in mid- to late-20s, unless the patient has high risk factors. Screening continues for an individual’s whole life to make sure that diseases are kept at bay and the disease they’re prone to does not occur. For people with higher risk for health complications that can occur in earlier stage in life, such as cervical and breast cancer, health screening is recommended to have earlier.


For individuals who have no access to health insurance or can’t afford screening tests, some organizations and charities in Singapore provide free health screenings. Many of these free screenings take place in mobile clinics that moves from places to places to serve families from low-income areas. Though mobile clinics can already screen many common diseases, it is not comprehensive enough to help those people with existing health complications. Other Singapore charities sponsor individuals with much higher risk factors to get screened in a more advanced medical facility.


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