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Fashion 101: Style Guide for Mature People


We all want to always look young and beautiful, and there are plenty of ways to look and feel such way. However, there are certain things you should keep in mind in order not to look funny and inappropriate. Here, we’re going to tackle the worst fashion trends to avoid and the best fashion advices for the 30s and above.


Fashion Trends to Avoid

  • Platform Footwear

Platforms are outdated. Nowadays, there are plenty of other alternatives if you want a pair that can provide extra inches in the height department. Replace uniform platforms with platform pumps or fashionable wedges. The alternative can provide the same comfort and extra height without looking tacky.

  • Hot Pants and Crop Tops

If you’re over 30, chances are you don’t look the way you used too when you were 17. Unless you’re as skinny as Victoria’s Secret angels, ditch your hot pants and crop tops and replace them with something more age appropriate. Instead of showing too much skin, show off those womanly curves with patterned bodycons or high-waisted pencil skirts.

  • Oversize Hobo Bags

Slouchy and oversized hobo bags can make you look older that you really are, because they’re usually made of distracting patterns and cheap materials. While this trend could be a yay among early 20s, this is a nay for women in 30s. Be practical and go for a clutch. A designer purse will never go out of style, and it makes any outfit look polished.

  • Cheap Sparkly Accessories

Leave the sparkly headbands, nail glitters, and plastic accessories to your daughter’s closet. You’re over 30 and should now be able to afford elegant, respectable, and quality accessories. At this age, quality should be a priority over quantity. Opt for good scarves, genuine jewelleries, chic belts, or a good watch.

  • Graphic Tees

If you still have them in your closet, toss them away now. If you want to keep them, save them for the lazy days off or for house cleaning sessions, not for mall hopping or any public outings. For a more grown-up alternative, opt for plain V-neck shirts. They’re versatile and easy to style.

  • Colour Coordinated Make-Up and Outfit

There’s really no need to match your make-up look with your outfit, unless you’re attending a costume party. Do not put on a glittery purple shadow just because you’ll be wearing a purple dress. Remember, the older you are, the more subtle your make-up should be. Sport the ‘no make-up’ look or go for a neutral smokey eye.

Fashion Staples to Have

  • A Classic Blazer

Hold on to your leather or denim jacket, but make sure to have at least one sharply tailored blazer, too—preferably in black. This is the most versatile fashion piece for anyone in their 30s, and will look appropriate for everything, from job interviews to after-work cocktails.


  • Little Black Dress

Speaking of cocktails, you’ll want at least one go-to cocktail dress that’s easy to put on. Make sure though that the silhouette is a little forgiving (hey, your metabolism isn’t the same as it was in your 20s!). Look for one that’s made with quality material, so it looks equally appealing and appropriate for corporate events as it does for beachside parties.

  • Diamond Stud Earrings

As mentioned, skip the cheap looking accessories and treat yourself to a pair of precious diamond studs that spoils your grown-up sensibilities. Diamonds are timeless and are a wise investment for your jewellery collection.

  • Cashmere Sweater

Perhaps by now, you can already tell the difference between cashmere and alpaca wool. To don that lazy sweater-jeans look that’s appropriate for your age, invest in a cashmere sweater that gives a luxurious look to your wardrobe and feels incredibly soft to the touch.

  • A Classy Lingerie

Whether you’re single or in a relationship, a gorgeous set of lingerie is an essential for mature women. A pair of chic lacy bra and thong will make you look and feel irresistible, something both you and your beau will love.

  • A Sophisticated Pair of Heels

Another must-have in your closet is a pair of sophisticated high-heeled shoes. We recommend going for black pumps, stilettos, or sexy strappy sandals. Even if you’re a flat-shoe kind of gal on a daily basis, there’s always going to be an occasion—like a girl’s night out or a first date—when you’ll need an extra bit of sex appeal.

By the age of 30, women are expected to be a bit more mature, and they should look like one, too. If you’re guilty of some of those fashion blunders, it’s time to update your closet and replace those tarnished accessories and years-old band shirts with chic and classy fashion essentials.


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