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Exploring Asia Efficiently

Many people dream of travelling and exploring. Some are fortunate to make it happen but others are too concerned about the cost they will incur. When travelling to Asia, it doesn’t mean you have to spend so much money because there is such thing as travelling efficiently. If you are planning to visit Bangkok, why not go all the way to Singapore?

You will simply take a train from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur and finally conclude your trip to Singapore. Isn’t it fun?  It is like hitting three birds with one stone. What are you waiting for? You should book that train so you can start exploring Asia soon. Here’s a guide for the train schedules:

Bangkok – There are at least five stations you can consider. Hualamphong train departs at 14:45pm every day. Nakon Pathom (for river) departs at 16:11pm every day. Hua Hin train departs at 18:45pm. Chumphon station (for ferry) departs at 22:45pm and Surat Thani departs at 01:26am.

Kuala Lumpur – There are at least three stations you can think about. Sentral train arrives at 06:40am, 05:30am, 14:06pm and 21:05pm. Tampin (for bus) arrives/departs at 11:14am, 16:14pm and 01:10am. Gemas train arrives/departs at 12:04pm, 17:03pm and 01:59am.

Singapore Woodlands – Singapore Woodlands train arrives at 16:00pm and 06:35am.

After booking your train, you should make your itinerary. Itineraries are helpful because it can serve as your guide. Organizing your trip is the best experience you could hope for. Avoid conflicts and start planning where you want to go. You will surely appreciate Asia.

Of course you need to confirm your hotel accommodations. If you are really want to save, look for hostels or inns. They are cheaper. Don’t leave without tasting the cuisines. To remember your trip, capture every moment with your camera. Don’t forget your camera! Enjoy your trip and God speed!

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