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Exercises for Your Eyes


Many Singaporeans abuse the eyes without them knowing. Excessive exposure to light emitting technologies like computer screens for example can strain the eye muscles. Eye strain is a familiar discomfort for people who use the eyes often in work and other daily activities. It is important that you learn how to take care of the eyes.

Remember that as you age, your vision also deteriorates. As early as now, practice taking care of the eyes. How can you do it? You can ask for the help of your doctor or you can carry out different exercises to strengthen the muscles in your eyes and eventually improve your vision. Here are some exercises that you have to be familiar for the sake of your eyes:

  • Blinking: Blinking sounds unimportant and thereby overlooked often. You have to realize that it is the simplest way that you can keep your eyes fresh plus it helps you to focus longer. Try blinking for at least two minutes and then blink every three to four seconds.

  • Palming: Palming can actually the stain around your eyes. How to do this? First, you have to take deep breathes before you start. Lean on your desk then close your eyes. After that, put your two hands over your hands in such a way that the palm is covering the eyes, fingers on your forehead and the heel on your cheekbones. Blink freely. This can help you rest your eyes and mind even for a few minutes.


  • Eight: This exercise is simple yet it is a good one. Imagine that you are in front of a giant number eight. It should be at least ten feet away from you. Now, you can begin tracing number eight using your eyes. Do not rush it. Do it slowly. For few minutes trace it in clockwise movement then another minute do it in counter clockwise.

Now that you know the exercises, it is up to you to execute it. Do not ignore the signs of eye strain or it will be chronic. Eye strain is not serious and you will suffer it on some occasions but if you abuse it, you will surely suffer at the end of the day.

For serious eye condition or problems, ask your doctor first for the things that you can do. Always consult your doctor and never do things that can compromise the health of your eyes. You only have one set of eyes and that is irreplaceable. It is crucial to take care of it right now or suffer its loss in the near future.

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